Madi here again! Happy 2021—are you excited about the new year?

With the arrival of the new Girl of the Year 2021, Kira Bailey, it’s hard not to be! Number one because Kira is the name of the protagonist of my novel

… And number two because dude, new American Girl doll!

Kira is here in all her glamor! I love her adventure hiking boots (I want some!), and AG’s illustrations are always so beautiful.

On a whim one recent January evening I decided to see if Poptropica—a virtual strategy game site for kids that my brother and I love—survived the removal of Adobe Flash. I wondered if it even still existed.

Turn out, it did. Although most of the “islands” (worlds in which you complete missions using strategy/mystery-solving skills) are gone, there was a new one—one for American Girl’s GOTY 2021, Kira Bailey!

I couldn’t believe it! My family was quite amused at my “NO WAY!!!” from the computer. ?

Most islands have objectives for you to complete because Poptropica is a strategy game. However, Poptropica often works with companies to create islands simply advertising their new products, which is what Kira’s island was. But it did have some simple games!

(This isn’t an advertisement for Poptropica, by the way; I just wanted to share Kira’s island with y’all since I hadn’t seen anyone else post about it. XD)

Here’s a quick walkthrough of Kira’s island!

Unfortunately, when I started this post Kira’s island was still available to play, but I checked just now and it’s no longer available. I wish I had posted about it sooner!

Her world was small compared to other islands (all advertisement islands are) but like all Poptropica worlds, very interactive.

They had illustrated characters of Kira and other characters in her book series that you could click on and they’d say something to you.

I LOVED Kira’s room! It was so colorful, pink, and girly! *inner eight-year-old intensifies*

Throughout Kira’s island, you could click on different things that triggered mini games for you to play.

Upon completing each game, you’d get different prize items to keep in your Poptropica pack.

Those hiking books! I wish American Girl sold them in girl size!

One of the prizes you could get after completing a mini game was the ability to customize your Poptropican’s outfit to Kira’s.

Inside the drive-in movie theater you could watch stopmotions AG had made of the first parts of Kira’s story.

It said there were new episodes/videos every week, but I checked on January 28 and there were only two, and then again earlier this month when the island was still available and there were still only two.

I LOVED the American Girl store! It was so bright and colorful!

You could click on different AG characters (Kira, Courtney, and Joss) and they’d say different things to you.

I pieced the screenshots together (really badly ?) so you could see it this way.

I think this place was inside the AG store all the way to the right. Looks like a cafe from Kira’s book series.

I love how interactive Poptropica islands are — in Kira’s island you could click on frogs to watch them jump, click different items in general, jump on top of roofs, get to mini games, and more.

I think you could click on those animals to have them move, too!

So I started this post early February but I just checked… Kira’s island is gone now!

Ugh, I could kick myself. I had it in my to-do list since January and even verified early February that it was still available, but just never got around to finishing the post until now and then it wasn’t available. ?

Poptropica is a really fun strategy/mission completing game so if you want to try their other fun islands, I recommend those too.

Once again, this is not an ad! Poptropica literally has zero idea I exist ? Just wanted to share with you guys since I haven’t seen any other posts about it, and I’m excited to see American Girl partner with a site my brother and I have enjoyed for years.

I just wish I had made this post earlier in the month when Kira’s island was still on Poptropica!

Well, thanks so much to everyone who still reads my posts!

I know I’ve been away from consistent posting for a long time due to the hiatus for my health, but I work hard EVERY DAY on therapy to recover so I can come back here full-time.

Believe me, I’m not going anywhere! I’ll be back as soon as I’m recovered! You can’t get rid of me that easily. ;)

P.S. I’m on a trip, and K.C. is with me! I’ll definitely be sharing pictures!

What do you think of Kira’s Poptropica island? What do you think of Kira’s collection?

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