Hey, guys! It’s Madi here!

Do you remember that my dolls have been dropping hints about me starting a new personal blog? They’re so sneaky! ;)

Anyway, my new personal blog is finally launched, released to the public, and up & rolling! 


Madi Grace!

Visit it by clicking the header above or by going to MadiGrace.org! Here’s a quick summary of my blog from the first post:

Hey there! I am so glad you came here today! I’m Madison, better known as Madi; a thirteen-year-old professional blogger, YouTuber, minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and devil butt-kicker. Welcome to my blog; Madi Grace!

My blog will basically document my life of being in the ministry with a few other random posts thrown in the midst such as my writing, photography, and artwork. That being said, my many hobbies include reading, writing, dancing, acting, singing, crafting, sewing, anything artsy and musical, gymnastics, photography, film production, graphic design, doll collecting, and talking. ? Ah, yes, and I get a kick out of kicking the devil’s butt (pun intended). I’ll also post articles on here about finding your purpose, discovering your identity, how to kick the devil’s butt in your life right now, and so much more!

My amazing blogging friend, Grace, interviewed me for the launch of Madi Grace. Click here to check it out! Reading Grace’s amazing blog, The Girl Upstairs, began to stir up the desire to create my own personal blog and Grace was so incredibly kind and amazing to offer to interview me for the launch! Thank you so very much, Grace! ❤️

Don’t miss out! Join the launch party at my first post here and then follow, “like” (once I get the like buttons working…), and comment!