Hey, guys! It’s me, Molly here! Last week, Madison’s Texas BFFs flew her over for a week of awesomeness. This is our third year of flying/driving to Texas for Valentine’s Day (and we like to keep it that way ?) and Madison took me along, of course. I had so much of fun! Would you care to see the doll photos she took documenting our trip?

First, I was stuffed into a not-very-feminine backpack and zipped up into darkness. I was bounced around for a bit until I finally fell asleep.

The next thing I knew, I woke up in a strange place. I peeked my eyes out in tormenting curiosity. Was the flight over already? Where were we? This wasn’t Madi’s BFFs house!

I swiftly stepped out of the backpack, avoiding Madison’s shoes and purse.

I looked around at the strange place, wondering where I was. I could hear Madison brushing her teeth and Invisalign in the bathroom and figured we were spending the night here.

I decided to walk around and explore a bit while Madison was distracted.

Check out this thingy! A rocking chair – in Madison’s room! I always thought she was old, but not that old! ? I had a grand old time thrusting my body back and forth in an attempt to rock the chair with my minimal weight.

When I got too tired to keep up the momentum any longer, I hopped down and then scrambled up this thing. Any idea what it is?

Hello down there! ?

It was then I realized how tired I was. For a doll who had slept the entire trip, I couldn’t believe I was ready to go to sleep already! Determined not to step foot into that dark backpack again, I made myself comfortable on a little TV chair.

I recognized the chair from when I had visited Madison’s grandparents house a long time ago and recalled that they had moved over Thanksgiving. This must be their new place! I realized.

Then I felt my eyelids droop as I slipped down to a complete laying position.


I woke up the next morning with a start. Where am I? Oh, yeah! Texas!

I scurried over to a nightstand and peeked through the blinds. Madison must have been eating breakfast or something, for she wasn’t sleeping in the bottom of the trundle bed she shared with her mom.

“A beautiful Texas February,” I sighed happily to myself. “It feels so good to be in my home again.”

I turned away from the window, an overwhelming wave of sadness hitting me. I missed this place more than any of my sisters or friends, but I had learned a lot since we moved to Florida. I instantly decided to see what else I could explore before we left for Madison’s BFFs’ house.

I stepped outside to the backyard and gasped as a freezing blast of wind chilled my bare arms. Why hadn’t Madison thought to at least pack me a coat, much less pajamas?

Despite the cold, I ventured on. Backyards are always such interesting places.

I spotted a statue and felt a surge of excitement. Maybe it could talk! I dashed across the wet grass and over to the tree it stood by.

“Hey!” I greeted with a smile. “Who are you?”


I frowned. “It’s not nice to ignore people. Especially nice ones, like me.”


“How rude!” I finally huffed as I turned away. I looked up at the tree and grinned. “Excuse me, Miss Statue…”

It was much colder up there than it was on the ground, but I had a lot of fun climbing the tree’s wet, slippery cold branches anyway! ?

When I spotted another statue, I scrambled down and wondered if it could talk, either.

“Hello?” I asked. “Can you talk?

When I was greeted with more silence, I made a face.

“Are you an angel?” I tried again. I sighed in frustration when I received no answer.

“Never liked you statues anyway!” I shot at them as I stepped into an interesting looking basket for plants. “Ooh, this is cool!”

When I had about all I could stand of the cold, I hurried back inside, hoping Madison and her mom hadn’t left for Madi’s BFFs’ house yet.

I was relieved to perceive that they had not. I quickly slipped back into the backpack now on the neatly-made trundle bed.

I was just in time! Madison stepped into the room and smiled at me. “There you are, silly! I figured you were out exploring. It’s about time to go. Are you ready to see-” at this, she began rattling off her BFFs’ dolls’ names – “Josh and John and Kit and Caroline and McKenna and Sara and Mackenzie and Caitlin?”

“Yes!” I nodded my little head excitedly as she zipped the backpack back up. “I’m more than ready.”

For it had been two years since I had seen them last.


But like with all good friends who move away, whenever we saw each other again, it was just like old times. We had the time of our lives playing a jungle game we so often play. It usually has such a great story line that inspires our moms to write stories off of it. Not that they usually end up writing the stories, that is. ? Over the three nights we spent at their house, we watched Cinderella 2015 (or as much as we could before the disc stopped working… right at the climax :P ), Lea to the Rescue, and Aladdin! Madison also finished reading her novel to her best friends, and we dolls liked to listen to it as we fell asleep, too.

Thanks to Madison’s BFF for the top two photos
Madison and her BFFs had an amazing time together. Madison took a lot of photos of her flight, of the sky, of clay mermaids, of sunsets, of goats, of the crazy cupcake-making-and-most-importantly-eating Valentine’s party, and of the many, many other things she did while in Texas. Whenever it’s officially launched, Madison will be documenting her trip on her new personal blog! It’s called –

Madison: Do close your mouth.

Why do you always have to keep things a secret?

Madison: Because the secrets aren’t ready to be shared until a certain time.

Hmph. :P

Well, can I tell them about the new used doll you bought?

Madison: I can’t believe YOU JUST SHARED THAT. No, no you can’t. That has to wait until the next post!

Fine… :P

Bye, guys! What did you think about these Texas trip photos? Any guesses on who the new girl is?