Hello Lovely people of the world. It is I, Molly! I am SO very sorry we haven’t been posting lately; the reason behind that is MOM WENT ON A SLEEPOVER! TO HER BFF’S HOUSE! And while she was there she went to the AGP Dallas!!!!!!!! And I went with her! To the sleepover! And the AGP! Sorry I am overloading you with information! xD
We checked out their chickens! Chirp chirp! And mama got to hold some baby chickens! Chirp chirp! Then we played AG dolls! “Hello, Starla and McKenna!” (mom’s BFF’s dolls) “Hello, Hope and Sara!” (her BFF’s sister’s dolls, which is also her BFF!) “Hello, Molly! (Starla, McKenna, Hope and Sara, her BFF’s dolls.)
Then we had Pizza for dinner.
Then we watched the McKenna movie! YEA! McKenna Shoots For The Stars; An American Girl Movie!!!
Our mom’s danced with us whenever the music from the movie played.
Then, we watched “What’s In The Bible With Buck Denver!” volume 1. Our moms danced with us dolls to the music for that one, too!
Then, we slept like rocks. ZZZZZZ! “Snooooooore!” (mama snoring……hehehe. NAAH, just kidding she doesn’t snore. :p)

Then, in the morning…….*drum roll, please…* ……….WE WENT TO THE AGP DALLAS!!!! HURRAY! Mom took, like, HUNDREDS of photo’s of the AGP, and they’re included in THIS VIDEO!

But we took some photo’s of what we got there!!! LOOKY HERE!

The City Sunglasses for dolls, and a cap for dolls!

The case it came with!!

A fabulous tote bag!

A gorgeous pink hoodie!

A magnificent red Dallas AGP tee!


And a hair pick for Cece! Mom couldn’t wait to get started!

I hope you liked this post, girls! The doll chat will HOPEFULLY come tomorrow! :)

Have you been to the American Girl Place before?


Molly (and Madison, Josefina and Cecile!)