Hello, fellow blog readers! HAPPY SUPER BOWL! Cecile: Umm…Molly….the Super Bowl was YESTERDAY. Me: *blushes* I’M SO SORRY! I meant happy day-AFTER-Super-Bowl!!

Well, AAAAANNNYWAYS, yesterday we went over to mom’s BFF’s (who also have AG doll’s!) house, and we stayed there from after Church to 10:00 pm! WOAH! talk about PAST MOMMY’S BEDTIME!!! Any way, while the humans were doing their thing, we AG dolls decided WE should be in on all the fun, too. After we got home, I tried to explain this to my mom but she was tired. So, this morning, we explained it to her again. Mom plastered a mischievous grin on her face, and said, “Get dressed up all fancy, girls. Prepare for some FUN!”
We were all curious on what mom had in store for us, but we hurried to do as she said.

Mom told her plan to me, and I grinned. BOY, were Josie and Cece gonna be SURPRISED!
Mom put those two down for a nap while me and mom got things ready. Then, I ran to spill the beans to Josefina and Cecile!

 “IT’S TIME TO DANCE!!!!” I screamed, running into our room. (see my pretty hairstyle?!)

 “AAACK!” Josefina cried, jerking up. “WHAT’S ALL THE RACKET?!” Cecile glared at me. “I was having the BEST dream, too!”

 “COME. ON!!!!” I urged, ripping the covers off of Josefina. “OK, OK,” Josefina laughed, waving me away. “I’ll see what you and mom have worked on!” As we walked in the gorgeous ballroom, Cecile and Josefina sucked in their breath. “It’s…..It’s……It’s GORGEOUS!” breathed Cecile. I grinned. “Today, we’re having a Super BALL! Where we dance like at a real ball! The humans have their super BOWLS and we have our super BALLS!” I announced.
“But….” Josefina asked unsurely. “There’s an odd amount of numbers. Only 3 dolls here, Molly. One of us won’t have a partner.”

 “Oh, not to worry, my friend,” I laughed, climbing up to the tech booth. “I like controlling music better. Any music requests to dance to?” Josefina and Cecile looked at each other, then shook their heads. “THEN IT’S DJ’S CHOICE!” I cried happily, choosing the PERFECT song for a soft, romantic dance.

“Sweep Me Away? This is my favorite song! ‘Sweep me awaaay, sweep me awaaay, sweep me away in your love; where nothing else matters–” Josefina got interrupted by Cecile. “No, this is Lord, I lift your name on High’.” Josefina and Cecile argued until I put on a different song. Then, they really WERE swept away; both in music and in friendship.

How was YOUR Super Bowl?


Molly, Josefina and CECILE! ;)