img_0122Good afternoon, everyone! Can you believe today is the last day of summer?

img_0119As for me, I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t looking forward to fall at all! Everyone else was, though. The sooner fall, (even with its non-cooler weather) came, the sooner winter could get here. And then Floridians everywhere might get a chance to be relieved of this sweltering heat.

img_0123Not me. I didn’t want summer to end!

It wasn’t school I was disappointed about beginning. Our homeschool had already started, and it was fine.

img_0124It was the lack of freedom for adventures I was going to miss.

img_0125And if you know anything at all about me, you know that I am an adventurer through-and-through. And extra curricular activities would take up my epic adventure times.

img_0126Which would be absolutely horrible.

img_0128I stood by the pool, willing summer to last longer in these last few moments. I had nothing else to do; I was the only doll who didn’t play a major part in Hang on to Hope, ( :'( ) so while the others were busy in their costumes and being photographed for the next part, I made a decision.

And you know what I decided as I stood by our pool, wishing for autumn to be delayed?

img_0129I’m going to make the absolute most of the last day of summer.


By having one last summer adventure, of course.

So I darted back inside to get my adventuring boots on (sandals don’t do well for climbing, exploring, and adventuring, you know).

img_0141“I love this fence!” I sighed dreamily.  Being up high doesn’t scare me. I love looking out about our backyard.

img_0144And hey! This is my third favorite tree.

img_0145“Ooh, is that another fence over there?”

img_0147“Ha HA! Yet another fence has been conquered!”

*bees buzz deep within the bushes that climb the fence as well*

“Uh, on second thought, those flowers look really pretty down there.” I scrambled as fast as I could down the fence.

img_0148“This flower looks pretty.”

img_0149“Uhh, wait a second… is that buzzing I hear?”

img_0150“Oh dear, I’m too close to this fence!”

I stuck the flower into my hair before darting off.

img_0155I love trees, and this is my second favorite. :)

img_0160“Wee!” I cried, swinging through the air. If you’ve never swung on a rope swing, you’re missing out!

img_0163What do I do now? I wondered, walking along the stone path.

img_0164Hey, maybe there are some fun things to do in the front yard.

img_0165Look at those weeds growing in the mulch! Somebody should pull them… somebody besides me, of course.

img_0171Here I am climbing my very favorite tree.

img_0172I grunted as I pulled myself up higher and higher up that tree.

img_0167I dared to go higher than ever today! It was my last summer adventure, after all, and doing that was my only real adventurous thing I had done so far.

img_0169It’s so beautiful up here.

img_0174Then I decided to take a walk on the landscaping stones.

img_0177“Woah! What’s that?” I exclaimed.

img_0178“A fairy house? A secret hiding place for mice? The headquarters for insect FBI agents?”

img_0179I peered in closer. There was nothing of the sort inside. Vowing to investigate later – that is, if I had another chance for adventure sometimes soon – I looked at the clouds up above blocking out the sun.

img_0161“It’s going to start raining soon,” I figured. “I better see if there’s anything else to explore.”

img_0180The sun came out briefly again, and I found this neat bush by the mini house for shade.

img_0184“Oh, summer, why are you only three months long?”

img_0188“Farewell, summer.”

img_0190“I shall see you next year!”

img_0191Tired from my late-afternoon, last summer adventure, I came back inside and kicked my shoes off. Delighting in this incredible thing called AC, I walked over to my bunk bed and prepared to take a little nap while it rained.

img_0193And I was greeted by this little guy!

“Hello!” came his cheerful greeting. ‘Ellie is busy with that Howdy and the Horrible or whatever it’s called again. And all my other stuffed animal friends are napping!” Snowy whined.

Looks like Ellie is too busy with Hang on to Hope to play with Snowy. Aw. He’s so cute!

img_0194I smiled sympathetically at him before proceeding to climb up the ladder to my top bunk. “Well, I’m going to be napping, too, Snowy.”

img_0195“No!” Came his quick, indignant little voice as he skittered up the ladder after me and jumped on top of my stomach. My stuffed animal, Splotches, cuddled under my arm as I leaned back.

“I’m tired, Snowy,” I told him, letting my eyes droop.

Snowy’s expression saddened. Aww. Then he perked up with a smile. “If you’re gonna nap, I’ll nap, too!”

img_0196“Okay, Snowy,” I yawned as both of my little friends snuggled closer. “Have sweet dreams, guys.”

And that ends my last summer adventure!

Are you excited for the first day of fall tomorrow? Have any fun fall activities planned?

Oh yeah, and isn’t Snowy just the cutest polar bear stuffed animal ever?