“SNORT! Why so early? I’m tired and grumpy….” moaned Cecile. Josefina didn’t say anything, just softly snored.
I was jumpy and excited. We were leaving the beach house and FINALLY going to a comfy hotel! We would see excitement and get to relax and lounge for a day or two. Then we’d drive and see more exciting views, then another hotel! I can’t believe Cecile and Josefina weren’t enjoying it.
I tried to talk to Cecile about the “Favorites” problem. “I just have more fix-able hair, that’s all,” I told her. Cecile just snorted. “Whatever,” Cecile said, obviously stil holding a grudge. I let out a defeated sigh. It was no use. Was I the favorite? I wasn’t trying to be!
We rode in uncomfortable silence. I squirmed to look behind me. Mom’s brother was playing on mom’s sister’s iPhone, and mom was taking pictures.
“Mom!” Josefina cried, hiding her face. She doesn’t like be photographed, she takes on after mom’s sister….
***Three hours later***
Is that our room? Or the one above it? No no, the one next to it, wait no, very top? how about in the basement? does this hotel even have a basement?! *faints under the pressure and possibilities of everything*
What a beautiful picture! a little light or dark in some places, but overall, very pretty. We really should watermark it….but *yawn* too lazy….
*open door* Hey, nice hotel room! Did we get deluxe? I bet we got the most expensive, right, right? No, did we go DESIGNER?! Room service? Black leather?! OH YEAH BABY!
Madison: Molly! XD quit being so silly. No, we’re on the top floor, but certainly no deluxe or designer or any of those things!
What’s mom’s brother doing…..0.o? XD
Pretty view!
Why’s this curtain in the way of our pic…?
Photography moment! We really should watermark this one…but too lazy….better nto steal it….or you’ll be sorry…..*yawn*
More….stinky…FEEEET! Madison: Molly McIntire….Cecile’s feet are not stinky.
Pretty Josie!
Then mom went swimming…..LUCKY
“Hello, all! my amazing fans who adore my face, why gorgeous dripping wet hair my beautiful striped swimsuit….”
OK, mom’s getting this all to her head XD
After mom got dried off, she and her family went to the nearest Wal-mart to buy some necessities.
When she came back, she brought back treats! Yummy! Dog bones, mom? Honestly? We’re DOLL’S, not DOG’S!
Madison: I know that! They’re not real bones! They’re flavored. (orange is the best)
Hmm….I’ll pass on this one.
MMMMM! Orange gumball! Uhh, did I say I passed? I take that back, I take that back! Can i have it, can I have it?!
Mom will enjoy this baby! She LOVES the orange-flavored doggy bone candy things…
Mom gets in her PJ’s while browsing around the hotel room…
Time to go to bed.
That’s the end of part eight!