Jasmine here. Molly’s blog is so cool–don’t tell her I said that. I’ve made up my mind to steal it–without telling her. How that will work I really don’t know…

“Jasmine, why don’t we take a tour of the house so we know of our whereabouts?” Emilie suggested to me in a deep British accent. I snickered. She was so hilarious–in a mean way. I could do whatever I wanted. I was THE Jasmine. But I decided to go along anyway–who knows what amazing chances I had of embarrassing Emilie?!

I looked into the computer room. An old, collectible, antique Macintosh computer?! SWEET!
Why. Is. There. A. Screwdriver. In. This. Picture. 
Emilie screamed when she saw Molly. “I CAN’T BELIEVE WE LIVE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER!!!” Molly screamed back. Emilie smiled and squealed. I just snickered.
We all sat down (me at the front, of course) to watch Emilie “perform” her dumb gymnastics routine. I was a much better gymnast. 
I had to admit, her flip was pretty cool, but I certainly wouldn’t tell her that. I could do a flip much more complicated, but for her level she did really amazing. 
So that was it. We looked around the house and got to know it. Then we went back to our room. 
I can’t believe how dumb Emilie, Josie, CeCe and Molly are! I am SO much better than them!
the amazing sassy beautiful gorgeous 100% blue ribbon intelligent top-of-the-line,