Molly here! Go back a post to get the story on our trip. :) Here all the photo’s once we got there. (we went to a Texas State Park or something by the way :))

IMG_4289The scenery there was beautiful!

IMG_4291Can you see Lake Ray Roberts in the background?

IMG_4292It’s really somethin’, isn’t it? The focus is not on me but on the lake so you can see it. The pictures really don’t do it justice!

IMG_4293Here is a little grove of trees.

IMG_4294Come and take a look!

IMG_4295There’s plenty of shade to just chillax.

IMG_4296Beyond the grove of trees everything’s really wilted. C’mon, spring, and liven everything up again!


IMG_4298Here is my favorite climbing tree!

IMG_4299Just keep climbing, just keep climbing…

IMG_4301WHEW! I’m up! There’s quite a view of everything up here.

IMG_4302A close-up of me, haha ;) (a little dark but that’s okay.)

IMG_4303I love just hangin’ out in this tree, listening to the wind blow softly and enjoy God’s wonderful nature.


IMG_4305Wow, that’s pretty!


wind-blown hair…

I call this one, “Wind-Blown Hair!”

IMG_4307Strike a fashion pose, maybe?

IMG_4308Oooh, I like this one! We bought a scruffly mat to put on the ground right before the door of the RV to wipe our feet so we won’t track dirt in the RV…that’s a mouthful to put in one sentence, isn’t it? LOL! I like the shadowing of my legs, too, I might put this one as a main picture on here or something besides the header. Man, I REALLY like this one!! LOL!

IMG_4310But sooner or later, a doll gets tired of all that photoshooting! Time to get a rest. :)

But then that time comes around again, the time of the day where everything looks so beautiful and you just have to take more photo’s… the sun begins to set just slightly. Time to get more photo’s taken of me! :)

IMG_4311WOW these steps are big for me…

IMG_4314Isn’t the sun beginning to set just beautiful?

IMG_4315That’s right, pure talent. :3 just kidding ;P I really love this one though, I think it’s really pretty!

IMG_4316Sittin’ on a log…

IMG_4317Everything is wilted in the background, doesn’t look very pretty :(

IMG_4318Still sitting on a log :)

IMG_4319I AM UNDER THE RV! HAHA! XD Definitely don’t wanna be under hear while the jacks are leveling this here baby…

IMG_4320I wonder is these berries are poisonous….*reaches out to grab them* Mom: “Molly, don’t eat those berries! We don’t know if they’re poisonous or not.” Aw…

IMG_4321Just hanging out! :)



IMG_4325The sun :)

IMG_4326More pretty pictures of the- wait a second, is that a FINGER in the photo? Awwaww man!

IMG_4328A nice close-up :)

IMG_4329A sun-setting boot. (wow, that probably didn’t make sense :P)

IMG_4330My shadow is bigger than me! :o


IMG_4332Ehh, a little scratchy, but fun!

IMG_4333Hello! :)

IMG_4334I’d caption this one, “through the eyes of a doll..”

IMG_4335Mom made a wig-wam for me out of the tall grasses!!

IMG_4336Isn’t it NEAT? :D

IMG_4337Now we’re putting pieces of bark and very small twigs in the center of the fire-place outside-ish thingy or whatever so we can start a….

IMG_4354FIRE!!! HA HA! Soon mom’s dad bought some firewood at a nearby store and REALLY got this thing going with some fire-lighter or..something :o)

IMG_4340It’s gorgeous outside, isn’t it?

IMG_4341The sun has set and it’s getting darker by the minute! Madison, her brother and her dad are roasting marshmallows for their s’mores by this time. :)

IMG_4342I wanted to explore a doll-sized forest, but mom wanted me to stay where I could see her -__-

IMG_4343Oh well, there’s always the wig-wam to hang out in!

IMG_4344This pictures kinda gives you an idea of how we made the wig-wam. :)

IMG_4345Just hangin’ out! :o)

IMG_4346 IMG_4347But then, Madison decided she didn’t want smoke smell to linger on me, so unfortunately it’s back into the RV I went!

IMG_4355But in the morning, it’s photoshooting time!

IMG_4356I sure like the wind-blown hair look! :)

IMG_4357A very nice close-up :)

IMG_4358I loved to sit down in the cool grass. This is a neat angle. :)

IMG_4359Enjoying the lovely morning :)

IMG_4360Peeking through the trees to see lovely me! (LOL, that rhymed.)

IMG_4361Framed in berries!

IMG_4363This is quite a bushy tree!

IMG_4375A nice side-view.

IMG_4364Boy is it hard to hang on like this!

IMG_4365Uhh, I’m kinda getting dizzy. GET ME DOWN FROM HERE! HELP!

IMG_4366Whew, much better…feet should remain safely on the ground for this doll! :P :)

IMG_4367Wow, tall grass!

IMG_4368Hangin’ out in the wig-wam again :)

IMG_4369I’m standing on the ledge of a tree!!

IMG_4370Now I’m sitting on it :)

IMG_4371Hehe, FEET!

IMG_4372Another nice close-up :o)

IMG_4373Just sitting and enjoying the wonderful day!

IMG_4374And now I’m saying HELLO EVERYBODY!

IMG_4376Well, guess where we’re going?

IMG_4377C’mon, guess! Use that brain!

IMG_4379To Lake Ray Roberts!

IMG_4380Oooh! Pretty!

IMG_4381I can’t wait to go down there. Madison says it’s actually like a beach with sand and everything! I’ve never been to a beach before. The closest I’ve gotten was on the deck of a beach house!

IMG_4382Gotta be careful on these rocks….

IMG_4383I’M HERE!!! YAYY! Hmm, sandy, very sandy. Smells like fish and salt.

IMG_4385I liked the cool water splashing on my toes, but didn’t want to go out int he deeper water. After a while, I decided to put my shoes back on and head back – boy was it HOT!

IMG_4387Bye, water!

IMG_4388I was content to lay down by the window, the cool breeze softly blowing my hair. It was wonderful to rest for a moment – I was so content, peaceful, and relaxed. I wasn’t sleeping, but resting.

IMG_4389SNOOOOOOORE. OK, well, maybe I did drift off a little bit :)

IMG_4390Hehe, FEET!

IMG_4391But sooner or later, it was time to stow everything in the RV because it was time to head on out :( I would miss this wonderful place, but I was also excited to go home and share with all you guys my fun time, and see my sisters and friends!