Molly here :)

IMG_2108The valentines had gotten mixed up so everyone was trying to sort them out and find theirs. Mom hadn’t bothered to change us out of our Valentines Day Party outfits yet – she had too much to do. :)

IMG_2109“Hey, guys,” I said glumly, gripping the straps on my over-sized backpack tight.

IMG_2110“Molls!” Emilie said, jumping up at the sight of my sad expression. She gave me a hug, hoping it would cheer me up even though she didn’t even know why I was said. It made me happy that I had a BFF like her, but then I turned even sadder when I realized I’d miss her so much. “thanks, Emmi,” I said, trying to smile.

“What’s up with you?” Jazzy asked. “Yeah Molly, is everything OK?” Josefina questioned, obviously concerned. Cécile looked up at me, bewildered.

IMG_2111“I’m gonna miss you all so much!” I finally blurt out, sitting down. “You know the RV Jesus provided for, right?” I asked. “Right,” everyone said. “Well…tomorrow we’re going camping in it to test it out before we travel the world and preach the Gospel, you know, finding out what we’re gonna need, what works best, and stuff….” I said. “What’s so sad about that?” Cécile asked. “I’m going with them.”


“How long?” Josefina asked. “I don’t know for sure, and that’s why I’m so sad. I’m gonna miss you all so much!” I cried. We all group hugged.

IMG_2112“It’ll be ok Molly. We’ll help you pack. When you get back, you can tell us what pretty scenery you saw while you were at the campsite or whatever you’re going to!” Emilie smiled.

IMG_2113“Hey Molls, I got some things for ya,” Jazzy said.

IMG_2114“A mini hamper to store some crocs, socks, and underwear in,

IMG_2115“And some boots in case you do some hiking on loan from me, and a sweet treat you can munch on and remember us when you miss us!”

“Thank you, Jasmine,” I smiled. “That means a lot!”

IMG_2116“We’ll help you finish packing the rest of your stuff,” Josefina added. “Thanks guys…you’re the best!”



P.S. Madison here. It’s true, we’re going camping in our RV to find out what we’ll need, what strategies work best for storing things, ect. We’re leaving tomorrow, and we’ll miss church :( we’ll be gone a day or two I think. Pray that we have a safe journey…love you guys so much! I have some mini-posts already typed out and ready to post, so I’ll bring the iPad mini with me and hit ‘post’ so you don’t have to worry about me not posting. I’ll miss you guys because I’ll probably won’t be online very much, I don’t know when we’ll get connection to wi-fi or something. Pray that we have a safe journey! :)