Yesterday the biggest tornado ever recorded in history struck Oklahoma. It squashed thousands of homes, many were killed. And now….it’s heading it’s way on over to Texas, where we are. Please pray with us that it won’t be as big or as horrible. We’ve been through tornado’s before, but this one, a big as this one…..please pray. We’re definitely going to the basement today. Fun part, we might get to eat MRE’s in the basement! LOL. I don’t think we’ll have Internet connection, but the storms don’t start up until early afternoon. Yikes, that’s only a few hours away. Please pray and believe with us. It certainly won’t harm us or our house, we are sure of it, God will protect us. But please, please pray for us and Oklahoma. Thanks so much.

~Molly, Madison, Josefina, Cecile, Molly-Anne, and Coconut.