ARRRF! RUFF RUFF! Coconut here again. I will tell you part two of my adventure. It is quite sad.

As we left off, I had jumped into the doll’s car. I was running away since no one had time for me anymore!! :(

Stairs? Gulp…I hadn’t thought of this. Well, what choice but to go down? I had to get out of here somehow.

there was an explosion of upset barks as the car rattled down the steps, clanging, turning over, and almost flying me out of the window! :O

BANG. The car flew through the air and landed with a crash on it’s side. I was flung to the bottom of the car, which caused a concussion to my head. Weary and defeated, I slid down to faint. 
After what felt like hours later, I woke up drowsily. 

The cameraman searched everywhere for me in the car. I could tell he was thinking that this was one amazing photo-story…but it was real. our lives played out infront of the camera man. 

Finally I crept out from underneath where the dolls put their feet, and looked drowsily around. I blinked a couple of times, them became aware of my surroundings. I felt queasy, but I had to run away fast! The dolls would be searching for me any minute. 

I took a courageous step forward….then wince and lept back painfully. My paw! Oh, what in the name of AG doggies has happened to my paw? I looked at it…all black and blue. Had I fractured myself? I leaned against the top of the car and slid down regretfully.
My life was a mess.
~ Abuse-fully yours,
Coconut :(