IMG_1622Hello everyone! Madison here. Today, I’m going to show you how to make some ADORABLE hair styles for your doll! Are you READY? This first one is called Un-twisted buns. You’ll need to make two mini Beauty Buns (or one, it doesn’t matter. Just make as many tiny beauty buns as you want un-twisted buns!) Leave them in your dolls hair all day.

IMG_1623Then carefully untwist them, leaving the elastic in.

IMG_1627Now, you have two cute ADORABLE un-twisted bun ponytails for your doll! To keep their twist, slightly spritz them with water, but be careful not to get any water in your dolls eyes!

Now, your doll hase a perfect style to go to P.E. class, or the gym. Or anywhere, for that matter! This style will work on any long-haired beauty.

The next style is one of my favorites. You might have seen it on Molly when I did her trip to the eye doctor, part two. (just go back a post and you’ll see it. :)) Now, I’ll show you how to make it!

IMG_2838But Jasmine is the model this time! You’ll need to brush out your dolls hair.

But be careful! Don’t brush out tight curly hair dolls hair, like Cecile’s. Gently finger curl her hair before this style. :)

IMG_2839Separate a section of your doll’s hair near the side of her head and begin braiding. Make the braid as long as you can, and tie off with an elastic.

IMG_2840Go to the other side of your dolls hair, separate a small section, and begin braiding that, too. Again, you want to make the braid as long as possible. Tie off with an elastic.

IMG_2841Now, you can leave them hanging down for a rockin’ Dance Party, or bring them together in the back and….

IMG_2842Twist them! That’s right, twist them together, then gently slip off an elastic from one of the braids and use it to secure the two braids together. I love this style, and so do Molly and Jasmine!

Better yet, dress up the style with a bow or ribbon, a sparkly hair clip or a colorful hair scrunchie!

IMG_2843Then Jasmine told me she needed a mini-photo shoot, and I thought so too! Pretty girl, don’t her eyes just sparkle in this picture?

Let me know if you try these hairstyles. I would love to know! Just comment below :)

What hairstyles can you come up with?



(with Molly and Jasmine!)