IMG_2820The day of the Eye Doctor Appointment I tried to stay out of sight. I was being really good and started cleaning my room. Maybe mom(Madison) would forget??

Then somewhere where between hanger and laundry basket, I heard my mom call.

“Molly! Time to go to the Eye Doctor’s!”

I gulped. I knew where it was. I was going to drive there.

IMG_2821Zooming down the street, my stomach churned and my head felt dizzy. I didn’t want to go to the Eye Doctor’s. Medical yucky stuff just made me sick, and what if I had to have glasses? How was I gonna be able to do gymnastics in glasses? And I sure didn’t want contacts. They are to hard to keep up with.

IMG_2822But looking in the rear view mirror made me smile. My hairstyle looked so pretty! (lookout for a chance to make this hairstyle in an upcoming post!)

IMG_2824I gulped, stepping into the office. The office lady looked up. “Hello! Welcome to Dollytown Eye Co., do you have an appointment today?” I gulped.

IMG_2825“Yes, I’m Molly McIntire. I have an appointment here at twelve o’clock with Dr. J. Montoya?” I answered. “Ah, yes, McIntire, A. Molly.” I always wonder why Doctor’s have your name backwards. Like they put your last name in their computers first, then the first letter of your middle name, then your first name. It’s so confusing.

IMG_2826After she typed all my information into her computer,

IMG_2827she told me to sit down on the seats until twelve o’clock (for it was 11:55 am right now)

Then, I spotted one of my friends walking out of the office.

I waved.

“Jasmine!” I called.

IMG_2828“Hey, Molly!” Jasmine giggled. “I come here like every weekend. They sell, like, the most jazzy sunglasses here!” she giggled again. “It comes with  pink case. A PINK CASE!!!! Eeeeeeeek!!!!!!!” I chuckled. “Looks cute,” I told her. “Not just cute. FLAWLESS!” she corrected, flipping her hair.

“Why are you here?” she asked me.

“I can’t read,” I told her, swallowing the lump in my throat. “Well, I know how to read, but it’s all blurry.”

“Aww, that’s totally in the pits,” she told me. “Good luck. Gotta run!”

Then Jasmine was out of there, enjoying her new sunglasses. I sighed.

IMG_2829“Molly!” called the office lady (her name tag said Jennifer). “Dr. Montoya is ready!” I smiled, instantly recognizing her as the doctor who took my cast off. “Jaylin!” I cried. “I didn’t know you took on as an eye doctor.” Dr. Jaylin Montoya shrugged and smiled. “I was interested in something new,” she told me. “And,” she added. “Cute hairstyle!”

IMG_2830We walked in to her cozy office. She sat me in a comfy chair. “So, what’s this I hear about you not being able to see clearly?” she asked me. I totally filled her in, giving her all the details, like how I read “Hello” as “hretty” but how I could see my hand clearly. She tested me as I covered one eye with a weird spoon lookin’ thingy ma bob and I spelled out letters. I was able to name the clear ones, like O, P, G, Q, and D and C, but the more complex ones like R, W, M, K, and S were all like Japanese letters to me.

IMG_2831The list.

Doctor Jaylin finally told me that I needed some reading glasses, like last time before my vision oddly was better. I guess blurriness comes and goes. So I didn’t have to wear glasses all the time. I only had to wear them when I read!!

IMG_2832I got to pick out the frames. I saw a pair of the cute sunglasses Jasmine had bought, some pretty pink ones, and chocolate ones, then I saw some beautiful silver ones.

IMG_2833I looked in the mirror. Pretty.

No, beautiful.

No, stunning.

No, dazzling.

No, no, no.


I looked great in glasses!!!!!

“These ones,” I told Jennifer, handing back the frames.

“alright,” she said. We’ll have your prescription ready in a few days.”

IMG_2834I bounced out of there like a bunny who had just eaten a patch of carrots. I was glad I had pretty glasses, glad I didn’t have to wear them all the time, and glad because I was…well, ’cause I was glad!

Do you have glasses? Contacts? Why do you need them?