sew 1Hello, the amazing jazzy Jasmine here! I get to show you the wonderful doll play idea for today. We’re makin’ some purty hair ribbons for your doll. I’ll hand it over to Madison, and I’ll just come back when someone is gonna turn the attention over to me.

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sew 2Hey, everyone! Madison here. To make some awesome hair ribbon, you’ll need a sewing machine/needle and thread, fabric, pins, and scissors. Like in the picture above, cut a strip of fabric one inch to two inches wide, and as long as you want it. Fold it in half and pin in towards the edge.

Sew 3If you’re using a sewing machine, thread your machine, bobbin, and get started sewing a thin, simple line down the middle.

!!!!PLEASE get your parents permission before sewing with a machine, and use all safety precautions when using a sewing machine. Please keep your eye on the needle when you’re sewing! Please be careful.!!!!

Sew 4When you are done sewing all the way through, turn off your machine and unplug it (unless you are using batteries for your machine.)

Sew 5Tie the thread and bobbin thread together about four times at the end of your material. Or, if you’re using needle and thread, make a knot.

sew6Tie it onto your dolls hair and enjoy a pretty hairstyle for the day!

Warning! Some materials can fray very easily. If your material starts fraying, hem it so the little frays and threads don’t get in your doll hair, because, that can be messy.

sew 7Jasmine here again! Oh, finally, something interesting and beautiful…me!

sew 8Have a nice time making purty hair ribbons, ya’ll!


Jasmine <3

(and Madison!)