IMG_1592Bonjour, Mon amie’s! Hello, my friends! Cecile here and guess what?! I get to present to you the super duper doll play idea for today! But, first, if you missed any of the previous doll play ideas, please do click the following links:

Now, let’s get on to THIS post. This craft will be in the form of a photstory. When you see a red , you know that’s where you can make a craft. Ready? Let’s go!

IMG_1593Josefina had just finished cleaning up atable when I had walked in. “Hello! Josefina’s Jubilant diner, how many people are eating with you?” she called out. “Just me,” I replied. “Alrighty! Take a seat, please.”

≈ You can make a table for your dolls by getting a cardboard box and cutting off the flaps. Then, gut big rectangles or holes in the box to where it only has some legs. Slip your dolls legs through the holes in the box and you have a cut table!

You can make a seat for your dolls by taking the smallest cardboard box you can find. Take off the lid and turn the box upside down. Clue the lid onto the box, making sure the back of the lid if facing you. After the glue dries, set your doll in the seat and you have a super awesome chair!

IMG_1595“May I take your drink order?” Josefina asked me, pulling out her notepad. “I would like some lemonade in a orange cup please,” I responded. “Coming right up!” Josefina exclaimed.

This part isn’t really a craft at all. Buy mini notepads at your local Wal-Mart, or any store for that matter.

This isn’t really a craft either, you can get doll sized cups IMG_1597at Wal-Mart, or any supermarket, too.

IMG_1597“Here’s your lemonade,” Josefina exclaimed, coming back with my drink. “Are you ready to order your food?” “Hmmm….May I see a menu?” I asked.

IMG_1598“Sure thing!” Josefina replied, handing me a menu. “Mmm, everything look so good, it’s hard to choose!” Finally, I decided on a plate of small cookies.

Make a menu by folding a small piece of paper (and I mean SMALL. if you don’t have any small paper, cut some regular-sized paper down to size.) in half. Write down the items on the menu, and illustrate them to give your customer a better look.

IMG_1599I can’t wait until I taste those cookies! They looked so appetizing.

IMG_1600“Here you go!” Josefina told me, startling my thoughts (I was thinking about the cookies!) “Enjoy your cookies!” “YUM! Thank you!” I exclaimed.

IMG_1601Those cookies were DELICIOUS!

Make some cooking my shaping a small circle out of tan playdoh. Ad some teeny tiny pieces of brown playdoh, or add different colors for a rainbow cookies. Roll a small ball of aluminum foil up, and roll on top of the cookie, to give it that “baked” look. Let it dry for a night or two, and you have a yummy cookie!!

IMG_1602“That will be two dollars,” Josefina said to me, returning. “OK!” I said, pulling out mywallet and handing her two dollar bills.

get creative with some duct tape to make a wallet!

make some doll-sized dollar bills by finding some front-and-back pictures of dollar bills, sizing them down to doll-size, and print them out. Grab some tape and stick the front-and-back sides together, and protect in clear wrapping tape.

IMG_1603I sure loved eating at that ≈Restaurant!



Cecile <3

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