IMG_8878Hello! Madison here. Today, we’re having an awesome doll-dance-off play idea. You’re going to need a large lid, or a big piece of cardboard, a bigger-than-normal sized piece of printing paper, or any fun paper you want, and a marker, and you can add in lot’s of marker if you want.

IMG_8879Write, “ANNUAL DANCE OFF!” and add some funny stick figures doin’ some rockin’ dance moves if you’d like! You can also make the letters different colors, or decorate some more with stickers, or do whatever you want. Hey, it’s YOUR dance-off poster we’re talking about here!

IMG_8880Tape it onto your big lid or giant piece of cardboard…

IMG_8881Put it right where your doll is dancing, crank up those tunes and invite her friends for an annual DANCE OFF!!!

Moral of this post: Put an English girl in clothes, she’s sweet and gentle. Add some cool glasses, and she dances like she’s full of groooooooovy soul!


P.S. Please check the previous post to see why we didn’t have the birthday party for Molly-Anne and Jasmine today!