Oh….oh my goodness….I AM HYPERVENTILATING! Jasmine here. Two days ago was my brithday and nO ONE remembered, so I was fine with that, but today is Molly-Anne’s birthday, and turns out, the group-the gang-the DOLLS had a surprise birthday party for Molly-Anne and I! I’M SO HAPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY purty pwease see the pictures below so you can see my awesome birthday party :D

Josefina here! I’ll be telling you about Jasmine’s brithday party. Pictures, please!

IMG_2738When I came in to Jasmine’s room, Jasmine was on her bed, and I could hear muffled sobs. “Jasmine? Are you OK?”

IMG_2739Jasmine looked up, startled. “W-What? Josefina? What are you doing here?!” Jasmine cried, swiftly wiping the tears from her eyes.

“I came to tell you, the dolls you need you for something important,” I replied. “But if you’re not OK, we can wait..” “N-No, I’m fine, j-just shaken up about both my parents dying, is all…” Jasmine mumbled, jumping out of bed. “What?” I asked, bewildered. “Josefina, none of ya’ll know this, but I think it’s time you do.” Jasmine answered, sitting on her bed. “My parents were arrested for child abuse, and that’s when Madison took me in so I could stay here. When they escaped jail, they got divorced, when out to some club in Las Vegas and died of drinking overdose. It always caused pressure on me to know they were in jail, but when they escaped? got divorced? DIED? That’s when it really shook me up, and that was the day I was so mean to all of you guys, even though I’ve always been a little stuck up. But I was wrong. That was no excuse for me to act that way, and I’m really sorry.” I gasped. I had no idea that behind all that rudeness, lied a broken-hearted girl. “I’m so sorry Jasmine, I’ll leave you alone, the gang can wait,” I whispered, about to leave. “No, I want to see what they want,” Jasmine persisted, getting off the bed again.


“OK,” I replied. “But first we have to get Molly-Anne. They need her too.” “Isn’t today Molly-Anne’s birth-” I cut jasmine off. “Shhh! It’s a surprise.” Jasmine nodded, and we went to get Molly-Anne.

IMG_2741“Molly-Anne!” I called. “Molly-Anne, sweetie, we need you!” Molly-Anne looked towards me and said, “Okay.”

IMG_2742When we had walked over to where the rest of the dolls were waiting, we all shouted, “SURPRISE!!!!!!” Jasmine and Molly-Anne were surprised. A surprise birthday party!!

IMG_2744“Happy birthday, Jasmine and Molly-Anne!” we all called out. Jasmine was totally and utterly shocked, and Molly-Anne couldn’t keep still. “It’s my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!” she kept on shouting. “It’s my birthday! I turn SIX!” Madison smile. “Girls, I need to talk to you all before you open your presents.” everybody listened up. “With Emilie’s birthday happening so recently, that didn’t leave us with a lot of money to get you girls presents form each individual doll, and we’re already pretty right on money. But with God’s help, He brought all ya’ll to me,(did you know you girls costed around $100 each?!) and I knew He’d provide again for today. And sure enough, we managed to get one present for each of you, and I must say, they’re quite good.” Molly-Anne nodded, Jasmine just stared.

IMG_2745“Open yours first, Molly-Anne!” I urged. “Okay Josefinaaaa,” Molly-Anne replied.


IMG_2747It was time for Jasmine to open hers. She was REALLY surprised and just stared at it for a minute or two. She finally spoke up. “For me? From all you guys? For me?” “Yes,” everyone said. “You’re our friend!” Jasmine just stared. I could tell tears were coming to her eyes even though she fought to blink them back. “But,” she protested. “On my birthday no one said anything.” “So we could surprise you with a party!” Molly laughed. Jasmine still tried to give us back the gift. “B-but…I don’t deserve it! Really I don’t! I was so mean to ya’ll!” “Take it,” Cecile urged. “We all love you!”

IMG_2748Riiiiip. Off came the first bow.

IMG_2749Tear. Off came the second bow.

IMG_2750Untie, untie. Off came the third bow. By then, Jasmine was shaking of excitement.

IMG_2751Rip, rip, rip, off came the wrapping paper.

What she saw next made Jasmine scream an ear-piercing scream. Thank God we were all covering our ears once Jasmine opened her mouth or she would have to pay eardrum insurance.

IMG_2752“A DOLL!!!!!!! A DOLL!!!!! MINI ME!!!!! IT’S ME! MINIATURIZED!!!!!!!!!! WHAT I WANTED EVER SINCE I Captured Molly-Anne…” Jasmine looked over at Molly-Anne. Molly-Anne just smiled at her, letting her know it was all oK. “Gee, you guys are the best!!!!!!!!!!!” she finally cried.

IMG_2753“I love her so much! She absolutely MUST have a J name, like mine. Jocelyn. That’s what! Jocelyn! Gee, Jocelyn, I sure do love you!” (Jocelyn is pronoucned like: Joh-suh-lin)

IMG_2754“Hiya! I’m Molly-Anne, and I just turned six. Today is my birthday, and Jasmine’s brithday party.” Jocelyn grinned. “I’m six, too. Jasmine will make up my birthday soon. I am glad to have someone my-sized, Molly-Anne!”

IMG_2755“Friends forever!” Cried Molly-Anne. “Friends FOREVER!” Jocelyn chorused.

IMG_2758Molly-Anne sure did look pretty with that white rose in her hair.

IMG_2757That day, we knew something had changed in Jasmine’s heart. Don’t get me wrong, Jasmine would ALWAYS be Jasmine – always kinda snobby, and really totally girly, but something, somewhere in the deep depths as that girl’s broken heart, had been mended.

IMG_2759And, Jocelyn settled in nicely in her new home with Molly-Anne!

IMG_2760And, Molly-Anne had a great new friend!

IMG_2762Plus, Mama made a mini doll closet and mini doll hangers for all their clothing she had sewed them!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASMINE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOLLY-ANNE! Jasmine turning ten and Molly-Anne turning six? Wow. We had a lot of birthdays to celebrate!



(and Jasmine! And Molly-Anne, Jocelyn, Coconut, Molly, Cecile, Emilie, and Madison!)

P.S. Mini Saige arrived in the mail today! We weren’t supposed to have her until tomorrow since the shipping was gonna be late. (that’s why the birthday party for Molly-Anne and Jasmine both was changed to Molly-Anne’s actual birthday) But It had to come a day early! HURRAY! Here are some pictures of Madison excitedly and secretly opening it (she had to keep it a surprise from Jasmine until the party.)


Hangin’ out until it was time to be put in the box again to be wrapped up until the party :D

EDIT: The Seven Days of DOll Play will be delayed until tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience! We’re taking the day off after this post to have some family time and welcome Jocelyn in her home. :)