IMG_4940Hi girls! Madison here! Allie, my BFF in real life from her blog, Just for Girls made some doll dangles from our Creative Craft Corner tutorial on that and gave them to me! She also made a doll necklace! As you can probably guess, Jasmine the freckled fashionista volunteered to model them for you! See how pretty they are in the picture?

IMG_4941She even made some hoops! Aren’t they pretty?

Be sure to check out Allie’s blog (the link is below the first picture) and leave a comment, she would LOVE to hear from you! If you made on of our crafts, leave a link to a photo of it in the comments below and get a shout-out for you and your blog/youtube channel/page/anything too! We’ll be doing this for a limited time only though, so be sure to do it quick!

How are you enjoying your Sunday?