Shout-outs are one of my favorite ways to learn about new doll sites! I’m always in awe at the incredible blogs out there and yours are the ones I look forward to reading every week! Introduce new readers to your doll site or shout-out a special post or page by leaving the link to it below. First, I’d love to share a little something with you…

(I promise, I’m doing something to straighten that toothy smile! That was a year ago. :P )
Last year in the month of June, my family and I took a summer vacation trip to Texas to visit our family. This picture was taken on day 2 of the drive over there, and we arrived later that afternoon!

We had the most amazing time EVER – as the thirty-year Lorfing tradition goes, all the Lorfings go to the beach and rent a beach house or two – and in 2015, my amazing uncle invited my Texas BFFs and their family to stay with us as well! (The tradition was broken this year, though. :( )

My face… ?
It was our dream vacation and we had SO MUCH FUN. My BFFs and I made so many amazing memories and countless recap videos of all the photos we took that entire week! We still talk about the vacation of our dreams – and that actually happened – to this day!

When we came back from the beach and to our old home in Texas, we celebrated my 12th birthday early with a trip to the American Girl store in Dallas! *smacks forehead at outfit and messy hair* ?

I had been saving up for a while to buy Truly Me #56 and was so excited to be picking her out! Here I am trying to find just the right doll…

After examining two other #56 dolls, I found the perfect one! At first, I named her Demetria, like I had planned. Then in the car, I decided against that and named her Skye.

In the picture above I was trying to figure out whether or not to purchase another hair pick (and I think another doll item caught my eye whereas my BFFs were posing perfectly ?). I already had one from my trip to the AG Store in 2013, but in the move to Florida it mysteriously disappeared. Funny how a ton of my doll accessories did that. :P

Should I? Or should I not? That is the question… I finally decided on buying it, and only later finally found that missing hair pick! Haha! ?

206*Excuse the iPhone quality ;) *
I stayed the night at my BFFs’ house that lovely June 12th day and then finally decided on the name Chloe! With a full name of Chloe Zoey Carter, I think it suits her perfectly!

Here I am in my BFFs’ living room with Chloe! Isn’t she adorable? I love her dramatic personality, how she loves to write and act, and just everything about her! Maybe that’s because she’s a mini me personality-wise. LOLOL! ?

Now that I’ve shared something neat, it’s your turn!

Comment below with the link to your doll blog or site, youtube channel, or other online doll site. Then I’ll put it up here for all to see!



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