(Back in October)

“Hey!” Shouted Molly. “I can’t find my hat! How am I supposed to play a boy without my hat?!”

“Relax, Molls,” Jazzy sighed. “You probably just left it somewhere.”

“Somewhere? I looked everywhere!

“Has anyone seen my pants for the this next part?!” Called an embarrassed Cécile from behind the closet. “I think Madi told me to wear my star leggings, but they’re gone! Even though they were just in here!”

“Gee, whiz. Y’all must be super nervous or something. Why can’t y’all remember where you put your own stuff?” Jasmine asked.

“I’m not nervous!” Declared Molly. “I just wanna find my hat!”

“Guys, I’m freaking out. Josie, CéCé, Ellie and I have to be by the door and ready for the first section of the next HOTH part in less than ten minutes. I can’t find my spy costume or main prop anywhere!” Emelie joined the conversation, swiftly arriving on the scene.

“The costume with the black beanie? And the recording device?” Questioned Jaz. “I saw them right by my cowgirl hat. I have to take Gingersnap out for a ride later, so I might as well get it now. Come on, I’ll show you where your prop and costume is.”

“Hey, has anybody seen the hairbrush?” Josefina spoke up after stepping into the room. “It’s gone.”

“ALRIGHT, WHO TOOK MY PURPLE COWGIRL HAT?!” Demanded Jasmine, marching into the room with a discombobulated Emelie trudging behind her.

“Who took my shoes?” Ellie echoed the cry while Emelie murmured miserably about not being ready on time.

(Thanks to my little brother for taking this picture for me! Awesome job, bro! ;) •Madi•)

“Hey, guys!” Madison began, stepping into the room. The dolls’ heads instantly turned and their eyes trailed up Madison’s legs until they met her gaze. “Has anyone seen my memory card? I had it inserted into my Mac this morning, but I can’t find it anywhere.”

prank12(Thanks for taking this one, too, little bro! •Madi• ) 

“Uh, check inside your camera,” Jaz hinted, hoping Madison hadn’t gone and lost her stuff, too.

“Been there, done that, bought a T-shirt,” Madi confirmed.

“Hey, has anybody seen my-“

“Cécile!” Scolded Madison. “Where are your pants?”

“I wish I knew!” Cécile wailed.

“Everyone is missing something!” Josefina realized with a gasp.

“This is crazy. I think there’s a thief!” Jasmine announced. “Alright, which one of you crooks took my cowgirl hat?!”

“Hold up, guys,” Madi’s no-nonsense voice quickly silenced everyone as they turned back to her. “Let’s keep it nice and respectful. I’m sure we’ll figure everything out. Maybe Chloe has seen some of our stuff.”

“Where is Chloe?” Molly voiced the question in everyone’s minds by this point.

I, your beloved Chloe Zoey Carter, just hid behind a huge basket of doll clothes waiting to be put away, all the while hoarding a stash of stolen stuff and swallowing my giggles until I thought I would explode.

(Can you see my Invisalign? No? Know why? It’s invisible! ;) :D •Madi•)

“Uhh… Did y’all hear something?” Madi mumbled, and everyone strained their ears to listen.

I held my breath, but when Madison told everyone, “I’m sure it was nothing,” I couldn’t contain my laughter. It was meee! 

So I exploded.

In laughter. ;)

“BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!” I guffawed, practically rolling on the floor laughing.

“Chloe Zoey Carter!” Madi barked, marching over to me and placing her hands on her hips. “That was not funny!”

“Oh, but it was,” I could barely choke out between ragged gasps of air. I was too busy laughing my head off.

“Chloe, to the corner!” Madi demanded, folding her fingers around the stolen props, clothing, and one of her memory cards. “Do you have any idea what kind of a time crunch I’m under?!”

“Nope,” I responded optimistically, and Madison just stared at me blankly. How could I not know? She was surely wondering. I lived with her!

“What did I tell you to do?!” She finally snapped. “To the corner! Now!”

I better get my patootie in that corner! I figured, not wanting to disobey Madi’s authoritative tone. Enduring the stares from all my friends, I rushed to fulfill Madison’s command.

(I don’t know why this picture blurred when I uploaded it. It wasn’t originally like that. :P I’m still figuring out this new theme… ? •Madi•)

I dared to turn around just momentarily to ask, “How long?”

“Until I say so,” Madison ordered, returning to the others their rightful props and costumes. “Not another word, Chloe Carter!”

Well, I mused to myself. This isn’t that bad of a punishment at all. 

I was wrong. Not even a spanking could compare to the boredom I endured. If there’s one thing I absolutely hate, it’s boredom. And Madison knew that.

prank28Not even my furry friends, Coconut, Splotches, and Snowy would do anything but sit and stare at me.

When Madison finally came back in leaving the rest of the dolls by the door, she was sighing something to herself about her HOTH plans getting derailed because of her job. I felt kind of bad for stressing her out. She was attending a Bible school class from 9 AM to nearly 3 PM every day, had to squeeze in her homeschool where she could, and then stay up really, really late most nights working on something big she wouldn’t tell me. Then she’d do it all again in the morning. I began to feel worse and worse for my silly pranks.

Madison pursed her lips, not knowing what to say. Finally, she sighed, “Chloe, I have to go and work soon, but I want to talk to you.”

“Yes?” I squeaked in a small voice, turning around miserably. Madison’s sad eyes were the worst of all. I had to apologize. “I’m really, really sorry. I was being foolish and immature. And – I’m SO sorry!”

I threw myself into Madison’s arms, wanting to cry. Stupid, stupid, stupid, I told myself. Stupid pranks. Stupid mischief. Stupid you, Chloe Zoey!

Madi instantly forgave me. “It’s okay, Chloe, I promise! I forgive you. It’s okay!”

“Chloe,” Madison told me with a smile. “I’ve been doing some thinking, and I need your help with one of my big surprises. None of the others are right for this part. Only you are, Chloe. You’re just the right actress for what I need you for. You’re going to be part of something bigger than the Hang on to Hope series. Hundreds upon hundreds of people are going to see you. Will you help me?”

Hundreds upon hundreds? What else went on in Madi’s crazy-idea-filled mind of hers?

Whatever it was, I was ready for it.

“Yes,” I nodded happily. “Oh, yes, please! Thank you! I’d love to do it.”

Little did I know I would be part of the biggest thing Delightful World of Dolls has ever done to date.

And you can check it out for yourself right now – be a part of what has never been done before!

Before it’s too late, join the others right here, right now.