Hi girls, It’s Madison here! I LOVE to look at other girls’s blogs, sites, and pages, as long as they’re about dolls. A lot of them I go to, not many people know about them! :( Here’s a chance to shout out your doll site, page, youtube channel, or anything doll-ish! You can even link to a doll site or page you know that doesn’t get many views, but is totally awesome! I ask that you limit what you link to here to be only about dolls please – otherwise, I cannot put them on here. :) Just comment with the link and I’ll edit this post every time there’s a new link! :D

I’ll hand it off to Celina now, she is the star of this shout-out! It is, after all, Mini Doll Monday! :)

Celina1Hey, everybody! Celina here! Guess what? For Madison’s brother’s birthday last month, their dad built them a zipline in their backyard!

Celina2It’s very fun, I assure you. Here I am on it!

Celina3You see the ladder over there?

Celina4You birng the zipline seat over and climb up to the very top. Then you can either jump on the seat from the ladder, or put it between your legs and then jump off of the ladder.

IMG_4489It’s really, really fun. As small as I am, it’s VERY high off the ground for me!

IMG_4490For the last picture, Madison put me in a really popular spot for photos, right here in this tree. I think the vibrant green leaves from the other tree in the background are very pretty.

Have you ever ridden on a zipline?



Alright, Madi here again! Now are you ready to shout out your doll site? Here’s how you can if you didn’t already know…

Comment with the link to your doll site, blog, youtube channel, or anything related to dolls! Then I’ll post the link below. Make sure your links are kid-friendly for all to see. Thanks!

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