Hey, guys! I’ve taken about three different photoshoots of Taryn but was having trouble finding some good shots amongst the hundreds of photos I have. I was actually planning on posting a more winter-like photoshoot of Cécile, but after emailing my amazing blogging friend, Light4theLord, posting Taryn’s pictures seemed way better. XD

I was able to drag some decent photos out of the sea of awful photographs…  Thank goodness for editing software, right? So now, I give you…

Southern Sunset Dreamers!

I know what you’re thinking. What is Jasmine doing here? WE CAME HERE FOR TARYN!

Well, you see, Jasmine was getting jealous of all the attention Taryn was getting as the new doll, so she tagged along and photobombed.

I had a lot of fun making this braided updo! Would anybody like to see a tutorial? I haven’t done a hair tutorial in a long time… but then again, my dolls’ hairstyles aren’t all that great, so that’s probably why… LOL!

Jasmine’s updo was very frustrating for me. I tried two different times to do it on Taryn but epically failed. XD Finally, after three or four tries total, I ended up doing it three-fourths of the way and then adding my own twist (literally). :P

I didn’t do any editing to make the grass this colorless in this photo, though it looks like I did, doesn’t it? I thought that was really cool! The grass hardly ever completely loses its green here in Florida, but there was this rare little patch in our backyard that did lose its green!

After arguing with Jasmine about why Taryn needs this photoshoot more than her, I finally convinced her to sit on the sidelines. She pouted and whined, but when I threatened to take her phone away, she clamped her mouth shut immediately. ?

Isn’t Taryn SO PRETTY?!

I’m not quite sure why I liked this photo and decided to keep it. :P

Ahh, Taryn is gorgeous!

A few different angles…

This is my favorite! ♥

What do you think? A new profile picture, perhaps?

Or what about this one?

At this point, Jasmine could stand it no longer. She jumped in and demanded suggested I take some friendship shots… so I did. :P

Sun flares! :D I didn’t edit this one in – none of the sun flares in this photoshoot were edited in, actually! Yay me! I’m finally getting somewhere. XD

You may or may not recognize this one from the sticky post about the comments! Which I’m still trying to fix, by the way…

Before you go, I have a quick question!

Which photo should be Taryn’s new profile picture?

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Or do you see a different photo you like better?

Thanks for reading! If you aren’t tired of all of my questions yet, do you have any goals for February?


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