Hello, everyone! Madi here! I have a little announcement to share with you today… er, rather, my mini dolls do. Take it away, minis!


Woah, Molly-Anne! Calm down!

Sorry not sorry. Anyway, Mini Doll Monday will no longer be a regular monthly thing posted on Delightful World of Dolls. Mini Doll Monday started out being a yearly thing, then a monthly thing, then a trying-to-make-up-for-missing-last-Monday thing, and now it’s not a thing anymore.

Which makes me really sad, because it seems like all good mini doll things come to an end – I used to run Mini Doll Mag, but that failed. And now Mini Doll Monday is going away, too. I’m so sad!


Yes… um, thank you for that, Molly-Anne.


Ahem. It’s Jocelyn here. Mini Doll Monday is going away, but we’ve really enjoyed the posts we were able to make during it! You guys have been really kind and supportive of our mini doll posts and –

Wait, what? Mini Doll Monday is going away?

Why, yes, Celina. Didn’t you know that?

No, I didn’t!

Going away? I didn’t know Mini Doll Monday was going away!

Neither did I!

Oh. I’m sorry. I thought Madison told you. Mini Doll Monday was fun to do for the time being, but it was never really a big hit. It’s become quite tedious to do, and since it wasn’t that popular anyway, Madison told us it wasn’t wise to keep spending our time in posting Mini Doll Monday every single month.

That’s terrible! I had no idea!

No one gives mini dolls enough credit these days! We are just as great as those big 18-inch losers!

Molly-Anne, how could you say such a thing? That’s extremely rude!

It’s also extremely true!

Relax, guys. Just because Mini Doll Monday is going away doesn’t mean it won’t have one last grand finale!

So… what are you suggesting?

Let’s do a recap of all the posts we did! That way, in case new followers haven’t seen many or any Mini Doll Monday posts, they can have a chance to look at all of our old ones!

That’s a great idea, Celina! Let’s start with the very first one we ever did and work our way to the last one!

1. Mini Doll Monday – Celina and the Stuffed Animals

2. Jessa and the Turkey Problem

3. Mini Doll Monday – The Unexpected, Very Traumatic Adventure of Celina and Jessa

4. Mini Doll Monday – Christmas Get-Together!

5. Mini Doll Monday – Unexpected Guest

6. Mini Doll Monday – Emma and Coconut

7. Mini Doll Monday – A True Friend

8. Mini Doll Monday – Meow Meow Comes to Visit!

9. Mini Doll Monday – Riding Lessons

10. Mini Doll Monday – Celina’s Best Birthday Yet

11. Mini Doll Monday – Emma and Emelie

12. Mini Doll Monday – The Finally Clean Mini Doll Room

13. Shout Out Your Doll Site with Celina on the Zipline!

14. Mini Doll Monday – The Hangout

15. Mini Doll Monday – A Letter from Penny!

16. Mini Doll Monday – The High Life

17. Mini Doll Monday – Review of Lea’s Celebration Outfit

(This does feature a mini doll, but you have to be a spy and spot her as she hides in the photos! ;) )

18. Mini Doll Monday – Escape from the Crazy Chihuahua

19. Mini Doll Monday – Make a No-Sew Mini Doll Skirt!

20. Mini Doll Monday – A Peek into the Past + Dollaween!

21. Mini Doll Monday – Photoshoot in the Dying Twilight and What’s Coming Up Next

22. Mini Doll Monday Says Goodbye

Wow. I can’t believe we’ve been through twenty-two Mini Doll Mondays!

Me, either! It’s been so fun to post about our lives or do little shout-outs!

Agreed. It was really enjoyable to share my experiences with the online world.

And now it’s all going away FOREVER!!! *sobs*

Molly-Anne, don’t be so dramatic.


Oh, Molly-Anne. Just because we won’t be posting every single month doesn’t mean we won’t be posting at all.

*blinks once* *blinks twice* It doesn’t?


Oh… *looks off in the distance awkwardly*

Oh, Molly-Anne. XD

Well, that’s their announcement! Mini Doll Monday is going away, but my mini dolls will still be making posts – just not on a set schedule. Like Jocelyn said, MDM wasn’t that popular and was a hassle to keep up with every month, so it wasn’t a really wise use of my time. :( I still love doing little posts with my mini dolls on a whim, though, so look out for those if you like mini doll posts! :D

In the meantime, I will be starting on my stopmotion movie very soon! I’m extremely excited for it, and I hope you are, too! :D Just so you know, I won’t publish detailed posts such as long photostories as often during the time I’m making it. That’s because making a (high-quality) stopmotion requires a ton of work, but I will still be posting pretty frequent updates! You can even subscribe to sneak peeks of the actual movie – more on that in an upcoming AGSM update post. :D

What was your favorite MDM post? Are you looking forward to the stopmotion movie coming up this spring?


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