-EDIT- FIXED! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE NEW POST! I just needed a different USB cord. ^_^

I am still having problems with the photos, and this week is CRAZY busy. We have morning service at a ministers conference and then Kid’s Church (Kid’s Club is what it’s called) at night, repeat. The Kid’s Church is epic and I love it SO much. Last night, we watched the first movie of Left Behind! We had so much fun. All this week we’ll be watching the movies in the series. We’re talking about the rapture and the tribulation and stuff and why it’s so important to get people saved NOW while they have time! ^_^ I’m going to tell at least one person about Jesus this week and gotta give a testimony at kid’s club this week….hmmmm, can it be someone online I wonder? :)

By the time Kid’s Club ends, it’s nearly midnight and we’re famished and tired. We eat, go to sleep, and do it all again when we wake up. Morning service, lasts still after lunchtime, famished, tired, sleep, wake up, uh oh it’s time to get ready for night service and the kid’s to Kid’s Club!

This morning, we’re so exhausted we’ve decided to just stay home from the morning meeting and rest. Have to stay healthy people!

Do ya know what that means!?

I have some time to work on DWOD! I am very sorry for the lack of posts, but today I’ll be working hard to get a decent post for you all.

I’ll try. I’ll try to get some posts up of my dolls. I will try my absolute hardest!! I am angry at the photos! ARG! NOT WORKING!!!!!

Yeah, I need to get some more sleep. I’m working on a better post……Hang in with me!

I love you all!!!