When my friends came over for a playdate our dolls got all dressed up like they were going to prom. And I did a quick bun on Jasmine’s hair – it turned out SO pretty! She looks perfect for Easter now. I thought I’d show y’all how I did it.


IMG_4005Isn’t it cute?

IMG_4006And the back is elegant too.

IMG_4007This style works best for long curly/wavy haired dolls like Saige, Lea, or #61 – dolls with that type of long wavy/curly hair.

So first you are going to make a high ponytail near the top of your doll’s head, like in the photo.

IMG_4008Curl the sections of your doll’s hair like a curly ponytail.

IMG_4009Then grab the curls about here.

IMG_4010Slip a fancy hairtie over the lump of curls – don’t pull it all the way through!

IMG_4011Position the bun and hairtie how you’d like.

IMG_4012Then finger style the back curls how you’d like.

IMG_4013And there you go!

IMG_4015Wasn’t that so simple? I did it in seconds! A perfect, stylish and elegant bun for Easter.

IMG_4014Jasmine waves bye! Isn’t she so pretty in Emily’s Holiday Outfit?

Are you getting an Easter dress this year?


 Madi and Jazzy 
P.S. Jesus is the reason for Easter! He is risen! :)