Hey everyone! Ready for part 2?


Long post with a BUNCH of pictures! It is highly advised to grab a drink and a snack and be in a nice comfortable spot! LOL! I have a nice big overload, so, prepare to be here for a while. Or take short breaks in between sections of pictures – that always works too. :-)

IMG_9017So we last end off with us arriving at our old house! This is where we stayed in Texas. I stayed one night here, but the rest of the time I was at my BFF’s house.

IMG_9018Here’s the tour! This is our property…

IMG_9019The parking lot…

IMG_9020The Fellowship Hall. This is where Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas parties happen and it’s where we used to have church before we moved into the other building.

IMG_9021Oh, there’s the other building! This is where we now have church – well, used to anyways. It’s up for sale now. :-(

IMG_9022Look at the mansion across the street! They’ve been building it for some time now. I pray and pray someone won’t buy this land to tear it down and build it into a hideous mansion too – that’s what everyone’s doing around us. The mobile homes behind us were built into gorgeous houses as well.


IMG_9024Um more sidewalk. XD

IMG_9025My backyard. The two swing sets are ours, but we left it here. We’ll get them once someone buys the property.


IMG_9028Why the slide is stuck in Fort Makenzie I do not know. To the left, you see our house! It’s a parsonage, right next to the church.

IMG_9029Fort M & R! (Madison and Russell, my little brother’s name.) And the rest of the backyard.

IMG_9030That’s the door to the nursery, which cannot be opened from the outside.

IMG_9031Past the basement entrance is what we call the Loveshed. It stands with a little bit of love – it’s very worn down.

IMG_9032The old RV. My dad used to travel with our pastor all over the world in this thing! it doesn’t work anymore, but we’ve been in it a lot. My dad used to hang out in here to have alone time with God.

IMG_9034An overview of the main backyard. There’s my brother and my mom in the middle by fort M&R, and my dad is walking to us.

IMG_9035Past the RV is some more land. It’s like a big pasture/prairie/grassland thing. XD

IMG_9036The sun is setting! Which makes everything more dramatic/emotional. I teared up when I took these photos.

IMG_9038When it rains, a little creek is formed between our property and our neighbors. They are very nice neighbors. When we lived there sometimes when they would mow, they would mow our land too.

IMG_9039Backyard photos…

IMG_9040 IMG_9041This is a flag my brother and I made before we left. We painted on it, “Fort M & R.” Sadly, it tore in two. Where the other half went is still a mystery.

IMG_9042Yay! Here comes the GIGANTIC overload of photos. Have your drink ready?

IMG_9043I am staring at my old backyard, and am close to tears, is what these photos are meant to portray. This is what I left behind. 

I plan to edit these and post some edited versions later.

Listen to some emotional music while you view this, won’t you? I just love dramatic and emotional things. Music makes everything more dramatized!!!

(The music will stop playing automatically when it is done – It doesn’t loop so you don’t have to scroll back up to turn it off.)

             *There used to be a bunch of random photos of me here*IMG_9098 Congratulations for reading this far! That wasn’t so bad, was it?!

IMG_9123The fire escape! :O Never of which, thankfully, we had to use.

It’s fun to climb on though. Not fun when you discover there are wasps nests under it. My dad knows that very well. XD

IMG_9124My swing!!! ^_^



My face… My outfit… Oh dear. :P


IMG_9135Can we go inside now, dad?

IMG_9136Home sweet home. NOPE! Not anymore! *cries*

I am not giving Florida a chance, am I? Nope. Texas will always be my home. So yes, this is my home sweet home.

IMG_9137This is the nursery. I met my BFF’s in this place.

IMG_9138See that mini slide? That used to be in the middle of the room. Allie, Piper and I would march around it singing praises to God, the only way we knew how. I can still remember the tune…..it was off some kid’s praise and worship CD.

IMG_9139That’s the door that can only be opened from the inside, remember?

IMG_9140Our laundry room.


IMG_9142It used to have shelves, and obviously, a washer and a dryer. :-)

IMG_9144The Foyer bathroom.

IMG_9145The hallway to my dad’s office…

IMG_9146The downstairs kitchen…

IMG_9147Another entrance to the laundry room, but no one ever goes that way. It was blocked with junk anyways. XD

IMG_9148My daddy’s office. It used to look way different before some nice friends came and totally re-did the downstairs! ^_^

IMG_9149 IMG_9151This is the studio. We planned on having ministry podcasts and videos here, but….I guess not? Florida changed all of that. Sigh. God had a different plan for us.

IMG_9152Recognize the green screen? There was also green screen fabric I used, too. This was where I made my stop motions requiring a green screen. I must say, it added some pretty cool effects! Check my old stop motions, like “Deeper Than Any Doll’s Gone Before”, and the “Mystery of the Bastille Ring” series.

IMG_9153I wonder who received this? It’s not mine. Sure does look sweet, though.

IMG_9154Bathrooms and stuff deep in the studio. None of which is ever used anymore. XD

IMG_9155Ah, the stairs. I always run up these stairs really fast skipping every other step, timing myself. My brother and I would race up these stairs practically every day.

IMG_9156The landing, and then the stairs turn.

IMG_9157There’s a window at the landing. A nice-smelling pumpkin candle would be here, and here’s where the rainbow can alway be seen after stormy weathers.

IMG_9158Ah, we just came upstairs!

IMG_9159Here’s the fire exit. It does not set off an alarm, and we have gone through it before.

IMG_9160My sister’s closet.

IMG_9161The hall way!

IMG_9162The kitchen, which used to have a refrigerator and a nice dining table and chairs in it. XD

See that window? That was my mom’s window. She would look out it to see the whole backyard.  She could always keep a mother’s eye on us as we swung. <3

IMG_9163That desk is where my mom’s computer used to be.

Straight through the door, is my room.

IMG_9164There’s my room! Well, if you want to be technical, it’s my little brother’s room too. But…let’s just go ahead and call it my room. XD

IMG_9165There used to be two beds on each side of the room. And yes, the 30-year-old highly stained blue carpet. LOL.

IMG_9166My Aunt Kathy came in one summer of 2011 and decorate our whole house! This was my side of the room she painted. There used to be a cubby under the ‘M.’

IMG_9167There’s my brother’s side of the room, with the “SPLAT!”

IMG_9168I love that window. So many memories…summer nights, gazing through that window watching airplanes and satellites’s tiny little lights fly threw the sky.

Listening to audiobooks or the Bible, slowly drifting off to the wonders of slumber…

IMG_9169There’s my dresser. I let my brother have the 3 drawers to the right. Aren’t I nice? No, my mom ad dad made me share. XD It really was mine at our townhouse we lived in before we move here, though.

IMG_9170I love this dresser! *hugs the dresser*

I kid you not, I opened every drawer and door in this house. Just to smell it.

I love my ‘smell.’

IMG_9171‘RDL’ are the initial of my brother’s full name. :-) There used to be a cubby under it.

IMG_9172The light switch with the stickers on it XD.

IMG_9174Haha, the closet aka the breaker panel. This was the closet my mom, my brother and I shared. 0.o

IMG_9175The shower bathroom.

IMG_9176‘Our’ bathroom. Yes, we called it Our Bathroom. :D

IMG_9177IMG_9178THE LIVING ROOM! So many memories…even the painful ones, like of me sitting on the couch with my mom, me wincing as my arm got poked with a needle week after week, have turned into cherished memories. Every night, we’d come here altogether as a family to either eat Chinese food and watch Little House on the Prairie and other old TV shows or to sip Goodnight Grape Sleepytime Kids tea and watch Andy Griffith. Or movies. Or just family time!

On Sunday afternoon after church, the windows would be open and it would be full of brightness. A breeze would come in a and make the place feel light, floaty, and magical. ,y brother would play the wii, or my mom and dad would go out to eat lunch and my sister would babysit us and we’d watch Spy Kids 4, 3, and 2. (we just recently watched Spy Kid’s 1 in our new house. FAVORITE. SPY KIDS. EVER.)

IMG_9179With the windows open, even late in the day it would brighten up the whole room! The whole HOUSE would be bright and airy.


IMG_9181That’s a tiny TV we pulled out from the studio when we packed our big TV….our big one hangs on our new homes’ wall! ^_^

IMG_9182My mom and dad’s room.


IMG_9185That’s my desk. My mom and dad let me have this desk. I would do everything here. From making American Girl doll craft videos to no one in particular (they got lost, sorry.), to crafting cards or sweet notes for my family and mailing letters to friends. Or stringing beads on bracelets for my BFF’s, or drawing, or just doing school…

IMG_9186I even have a few drawings left up! :O

IMG_9187There used to be a nice big bed there. It was a good bed. My mom and I would trade beds, and I would sleep here some nights in September 2012 to Summer 2013 and my mom would sleep in my bed.

IMG_9188IMG_9189The bathroom (my mom was in it when I took the photo, I’ll show you the inside later. XD)

IMG_9190Back to the living room. Here’s the view you had of the living room window…


IMG_9192OK, here’s the bathroom.

IMG_9193My sister’s room, back in the hallway.

IMG_9194I would have ‘sleepovers’ in my sisters room late summer nights in 2011 and in 2012. I would stay up late on my new iPhone 3GS under the covers and write stories. They were great stories too. I’d make sequel after sequel to them. Unfortunately, when my iPhone battery crashed they all got erased, and so did a lot of photos with tons of memories. I still make sequel to those stories, with new characters and variations.

I have a miscarriaged sister in Heaven named Madeline, would who be a little younger than me if she was alive, and I know it’s weird, but, my stories were about her and me and a few other characters. Whenever I would write the stories on my phone, I felt a connection with her. As if that’s how she would act/be if she was here today.

IMG_9195My sister’s desk and dresser. November 2013 I’d spend doing school at her desk while she was away at Bible college (TBI.)

IMG_9196Uhhhhhhh. I have no idea what happened here. XD

IMG_9197OK, thanks everyone for moving out of the way. Look at her coolio walls. Yup, my Aunt Kathy did that.

IMG_9198 IMG_9200Back in the kitchen, here’s our AWESOME oven which my mom loves. We got a new one at our new house, but it’s nothing compared to this faithful old oven.

IMG_9201Our dishwasher. Oh, the late summer mights when the dishwasher would be running and I’d get some tea or cough medicine with my mom….

IMG_9202My mom’s window :3

IMG_9203YUCK! The place where our fridge used to be…

(That is after we cleaned it. Yes, that’s AFTER we cleaned it! 0.0)

IMG_9204IMG_9205IMG_9206Lovely, lovely view. I remember in Christmas 2012 we had our first (and last)white Christmas. My three dolls, Molly, Josefina and Cecile (I got Josie and Cece that day!) were looking at this window watching the snow fall.

Oh, what I’d give to live here again.

IMG_9207 IMG_9208There’s me! Hi, Madison. XD

IMG_9209Hi, again.

IMG_9211Back in the living room, this was my dad’s closet.

IMG_9212Any recognize this as Joy’s old room? What do you know, her posters are still up…

IMG_9213Look! This was Molly, Josefina and Cecile’s room when I first got them, which later on became Jasmine and Emelie’s room, which later on became the party room.

IMG_9214Look at this – I put that up there for Mines of Malaysia. I never took it down. :-)

IMG_9215What we call the Black File Cabinet or just the File Cabinet.

IMG_9216Our alarm. We set it off quite a few times at night and early in the morning. Hehehe

IMG_9219Back in my room, my middle drawer in my dresser had pink hearts taped to the bottom of it. :-)

IMG_9220Hey, look, I found a star in the bottom drawer! I kept it, but I lost it later. :-(

IMG_9221I never noticed this until now. I wonder if those people who made this dresser still make furniture today?

IMG_9222Back in my closet, here are the now empty shelves.

IMG_9223Some more photos of the breaker panel and tons of cords.

IMG_9224 IMG_9225Back in my desk again, there are still some things left in the drawers.

IMG_9226Nothing in this one…

IMG_9227Some books….phone books….

IMG_9228The basement entrance.

IMG_9229We are going to go to the basement. Our friend Michael Biggs is working for us down in here on something we call the mail-out. It’s, complicated. :-)

IMG_9231 IMG_9232Hi mommy! Come with us!

IMG_9233A view of the backyard.

IMG_9235Let us in….please….we don’t have the key…..

IMG_9236(I didn’t know if our missionary friend Michael wanted to his face posted online, so I’m just blurring his face out…)

Yes, our friend Mr. Biggs is very fond of Russell. Let’s make that the other way around – my little brother is OBSESSED WITH HIS BFF MICHAEL BIGGS. He doesn’t care if they are practically 15 years apart.

IMG_9238 IMG_9239The basement. It is below the Fellowship Hall. There are actually stairs that lead up to the Fellowship Hall from here.

IMG_9240The mail room!

IMG_9242 IMG_9243 IMG_9244 IMG_9245 IMG_9246Yes, lot’s of equipment. We’ve got a lot of mail to drop.

And lot’s of envelopes to stuff and seal.

And stamp.

IMG_9247I would scooter down this sidewalk in an old Spiderman scooter that is way too small for my brother and I now…I AGSMed on it (Molly and Emelie driving on it in Deeper Than Any Doll’s Gone Before), we played in the water hose in it, etc…

IMG_9248The Fellowship hall, again. My mom and I are out here alone, reminiscing. This is our home….

IMG_9249The Black Top, we call it. Well, it used to be black. it’s not anymore, and  very cracked.

The wind blew our hair, and we sat upon the Fellowship Hall steps and we sobbed and sobbed. This is our home, and we love it and miss it.

Here is some emotional music to listen to as you gaze over the last photos. :-)

It’s OK to cry…I did!

 *some horrible photos of me used to be here* :P
Some horrible, non-flattering photos of me in tears as I sob and reminisce over the memories.

And that ends Part 2!

Stay tuned for Part 3, and sorry to leave you on such a heartbreaking ending like this. Part 3 is not so dramatic. :)