Today we’d like to introduce the first message board we joined created by the wonderful girl who got Madison(mom) into dolls. Mom already had me and loved me, and she played with me nonstop, but she didn’t want another doll and grew bored with me until she came across….there were so many crafts, giveaways(we’ve won one!), photostorys, fun finds and everything about dolls! Liz made the American Girl Fan Message Board and now I think mom has gotten a little too much into it….considering she has the most posts of anybody (18 thousand something) and gets on 24/7 XD

But the talk we’re talkin’ today is requested by Haven, also known AmericanGirlDollsLoveDancShe wanted us to shout-out some of her wonderful posts on the American Girl Fan Message Board–so we are! Click the link to her profile on the AGFMB and check out all her fun and inspiring posts and topics! Get to know Haven and have a great friend :)


Molly and Madison