Hey, girls! I’m incredibly sorry for missing Mini Doll Monday. I haven’t fallen off a cliff or broke an arm or anything like that… We’re out of town again! We’re helping our old church while our pastor is sick. I’ve been having an incredible time, and I’ve taken Cécile and Celina with me. They are having a blast!

I felt a little sorry that I haven’t posted very much, so here’s something funny that you should like.



Chelsie, Petunia, and Julie (the Mom)!
(Clicking the link takes you to a video in a new page, but you’re still on this website.)

Season 1, Episode 1 – Our New Chipmunk Blog
(Elizabeth (or Lizzie) changed her name to Chelsie in episode 2.)

If you like Episode 1, let me know and I’ll post Episode 2!

See y’all soon!


aka Chelsie!