FullSizeRender-5Hey, girls!! It’s me, your Olly Molly here. I’ve missed you so much! Mom (You may know her as Madison) and Cécile and Celina are back in town, yay! If you ask Madison how her trip to Texas was, she will close her eyes and indulge in a glorious sigh before answering, “It was simply marvelous.”

I missed them, and Mom said I couldn’t post if she wasn’t here to make sure I didn’t mess up the blog settings or whatever.

Like I’d ever do that!

Anyways, guess what Mom did for me when she came back?

FullSizeRender-3She tried French braids on me! At first, she did horrible. But this is the second try, and for the first time in forever, I have French braids! What do you think?

FullSizeRender-8Since my hair isn’t quite as nice as it was when Madison only had me, it may look a little frizzy and dry. And it is, but that means I’m loved. Because my hair is textured like this, it does best in braids, and Mom and I both want to keep it looking the nicest it can. But one can get tired of simple, boring braids day after day, and Mom felt sorry for me. So she was determined to try French braiding – and what do you know? I love this ever so much more than my original braids, but they’re still braids, and so my hair will still be kept the nicest it can!

FullSizeRender-9I love it, I love it, I love it! What do you think?

FullSizeRender-4I also paired the Amythest birthstone earrings with the dress I’m wearing. It doesn’t exactly match the background, and sorry that the lighting is a little off. Today is a very busy day, with company coming and a meeting to go to and Madison doesn’t want to fuss with the 60D camera for a quick update. So I’ve relented to let her to pictures of my braids with her iPhone.

FullSizeRender-6Well? Be honest now – I can take the truth! How do my braids look?

FullSizeRender-5Bye girls! God bless y’all!

Have you ever tried French braids in you, or your doll’s hair? What do you think of my new ‘do?


P.S. Ellie-Joy’s birthday is February 28th! We’re so excited for it…