q1Click! My camera snapped the final photograph.

“Are we done yet?” sighed Ellie, who was tired of posing still on the bottom. “You’ve taken, like, fifteen different pictures.”

I quickly checked my camera’s photo library. I should be able to pick the perfect one out of these, I nodded in approval to myself.

I looked up to assure them that they could move, but it was too late. Chloe had already bounced off to the computer, dying to finish writing her novel before 2017.

q4And Ellie plopped down to cuddle with Coconut.

While the others shuffled and complained about stepping on each others’ toes in trying to come apart, Chloe let out another dramatic gasp that always startles everyone into thinking she’s hurt.

q5“Guys, look at this! I think an elf gave us a present!” Chloe exclaimed.

q6Curious Molly dashed over to her. “Elves? Don’t be silly, Chloe. But what is that, anyway?”

q7“Hmm,” Chloe pondered, plopping down onto the swivel chair while holding the sheet of something. “It looks like some sort of a-“

q10“Sort of a what?” Ellie popped up with Josefina, dropping in on the conversation. Reaching for what Chloe held in her hands, Ellie demanded, “Let me see!”

“Ellie Mae, that’s rude,” scolded Josefina.

“I’ll take that off your hands,” a new voice chimed in.

q11“Hey!” Chloe, Molly, Ellie and Josefina all chorused at once when Jasmine successfully snatched the little mystery out of Chloe’s grasp.

q12“Now everybody can see,” Jasmine held it up proudly and out of everyone’s reach.

q13“Yeah, we can see it upside-down, genius,” Molly guffawed.

q14Jasmine felt heat color her cheeks. “Oh, uh, well,” she flustered, turning the little… thing right-side up.

x1“Calm down, people,” Cécile spoke as she and Emelie arrived on the scene. “Jasmine, let everyone see.”

x2Reluctantly, Jasmine shared the sight of the mysterious sheet with her friends. “Whoever colored this stinks at drawing,” she jeered at the artistic skills  – if you could call them that – on the sheet. “Like, really bad.”

“Hey!” I squeaked, offended.

“It’s a countdown calendar!” Chloe announced.

Ellie’s eyes widened with excitement. “Let’s do it!” she squealed.

“But today’s the 15th,” Emelie shook her head, speaking for the first time since the calendar had been found. “We’re fifteen days behind.”

“Yeah,” Jasmine agreed.

x3“Let’s do everything at once, then!” Molly suggested, and everyone thought that was a pretty great idea.

“I can take photos of y’all, too,” I offered, but nobody was listening to me as Jasmine opened the first flap.

Event 1

“Decorate for Christmas,” Jasmine read aloud. She looked up with a grin. “This should be fun.”

Indeed, it was. In a mad rush, seven crazy little things known as the dolls of DWOD hauled in Christmas supplies and decorations from places I didn’t even know they were.


And then the actual decorating began. If I thought my dolls were crazy before, watching them run wild with all the decor blew that idea out of the water.

They’re insane.

Oh, it was maddening. Glitter, sparkles, and Christmas tinsel were soon scattered everywhere, along with shattered ornament bulbs and frayed Christmas ribbon. Not to mention that nobody could agree on where to place the decorations. 


But the room was eventually decked out in Christmas cheer. I still had a few more decorations to make, but for the time being, even the tree was decorated to perfection; all the way down to the shining…

w1“Hey,” Cécile interrupted once everyone had kind of slowed down. “Where’s the star for the top of the tree?”

w2“It’s in the box that these ornaments used to be in,” answered Molly.

w3“I’m the newest doll!” Chloe squealed. “I get to place the star on top!” She hadn’t been able to do it last year, since Molly had been really sad that day, and sweet-hearted Chloe agreed to let her place the star on top. And because no new AG dolls had been added to my collection since then, Chloe remained the newest and was eligible to place the star.

w4That began the craziest feat of them all.

“Stop laughing!” Chloe barked. “You’re moving me!”

“But your foot is tickling my back!” Ellie giggled uncontrollably.

“How does that even work?! I didn’t know backs were ticklish!”

This ain’t gonna work,” chuckled Molly.

“Shh! Of course it will! I just need absolutely 100% of my concentration…”

w5“This is disaster,” Jasmine shook her head in disapproval.

“I’ll place that star without a problem, you watch and see!” Chloe denied the skeptic.

Jasmine rolled her eyes. “That’s not gonna happen-“

You’re not gonna happen!”

“A little closer, guys,” Chloe ordered, promptly ignoring Jasmine. Giggling and squirming, the two girls under Chloe’s feet began to crab-walk a little closer to the tree. Ellie’s leg bumped into it, making the entire tree – and Chloe – sway in unbalance. “Careful!” Chloe snapped playfully.

She stretched her arm a little further, reaching a little closer, and…


w8Chloe’s next words were cut off by a resounding, reverberating crash!

“Ohhh,” Molly groaned painfully.

“Spoke too soon,” Jasmine shook her head again, stepping out of the way of the befuddled girls on the floor.

Ellie tried moving – it was a mistake. “Ouch.”

I think I broke something!” Chloe’s bloodcurdling gasp and shriek startled everyone again. She let out some dramatic, theatrical dying noises, and that sent everyone into hysterics.

“It’s not supposed to be funny!” Chloe cried, exasperated. “I’m dying!

r1Event 2

But Cécile laughed anyway, flipping open the flap labeled 2.

“Enjoy a Christmas treat,” she read aloud.

“Ooh, me!” Molly shot up. “Take a picture of me doing it, mom!”

r2Mmm. That Christmas cookie is making me hungry, Molly. ?

r3Event 3

(LOL! The third flap is the girl’s head! XD)

“Have some hot cocoa,” Emelie smiled after opening the third flap. “That’s perfect for me!”

r4That does look delicious, but I couldn’t take another sip of hot cocoa if I wanted to.

r5I (Madi, in case you’ve forgotten ?) have been trying this December to perfect my hot-cocoa-making-skills. Unfortunately, the only recipe I’ve managed to find is one for colossal stomachaches and sugar-overdose headaches. XD It’ll be quite a while before I can look that tub of Hershey’s cocoa in the eye again… ?

r6They were quite delicious experiments, however, even though I still haven’t found the perfect recipe.

r7^That’s my sink after a hot cocoa experiment… except I’m not washing the dishes, I’m dying of stomachache. Like right now *groans*. Remind me to never put a Dove milk chocolate candy in the hot cocoa after you’ve had, like, a ton of Christmas candy combined with pizza that day, ever again.


r8Event 4

Moving on! ;) Josefina opened the fourth flap. “Read and make Christmas cards?” she questioned. “What Christmas cards?”

These Christmas cards,” I grinned, opening up a handful of beautifully decorated cards from the dolls at Clara’s Craft Corner and Dolls N’ All.

y1“Oh my goodness!” she gasped. “These are absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to make cards in reply!”

y3Aren’t they gorgeous? The one with “Joy to the world” on it is from the dolls at Clara’s Craft Corner, and the other two are just a few of the ones that the dolls at Dolls N’ All made! My dolls love them so much and give a big thank you to the dolls who sent them! They are making cards for your dolls very soon! ?

(If you haven’t participated in the Christmas card exchange yet, there’s still time! It lasts all of December, is open internationally, and your dolls can even make cards, too! ;) More info is found at the Christmas card exchange page right here!)

y4“Let’s see here,” Emelie murmured to herself as she picked up the countdown calendar next.

y5Event 5

“Make a wishlist,” Emelie announced. Many of the others groaned, having absolutely no idea what to ask for, but Emelie just smiled to herself dreamily. “Easy.”

y6Aw! Aren’t Emelie and Emma so sweet together? ♥

y8Event 6

“Make snowflakes,” Ellie read aloud next, but what was really registering in her brain was, “Make a big mess for Madison to clean up.”

y9“Nice snowflake, Ellie,” I told her. “Can we clean up now?”

Ellie looked up at me, confused. “No way!” she sputtered. “The calendar said make snowflakes, not a snowflake. That’s plural. It’s also limitless.”

Limitless mess, I sighed to myself as the others flocked to join in on the snowflake-making as well.

y11“What’s next?” Josefina asked herself as she picked up the calendar, sheepishly leaving me to pick up the crafty clutter.

y12Event 7

“Mmm, make cookies!” Josie’s face lit up in a grin. Cooking is her specialty!

y13“Come and get ’em!” Josie called a while later, holding a stack of cooled cookies, fresh ‘n ready for consumption.

y14“But – but – there’s only six!” wailed Molly. “One of us isn’t going to get one! And it’s definitely not me, right? Food is… life.”

“Don’t worry, Molls,” Josefina winked at her sister and cocked her head toward the oven. “There’s plenty more where this came from!”

y16Messes are fun to make… Not so fun to clean up. ;)

y17Isn’t Josefina so pretty? And isn’t the lighting horrible? :P

y20Event 8

“Oh, yeah! That’s so me. I’m posing for this event!” Molly nodded after reading the eighth flap, “Eat candy!”

y18Molly has great taste in candy, I see. ;) Just don’t mention to her the Dove milk chocolates, Ghirardelli peppermint bark squares and white chocolate truffles, mint M&Ms, and peppermint-white chocolate Hershey’s kisses we have stocked up for Christmas movie nights… ;) Which I probably shouldn’t eat of any time soon, based on my stomachache right now. XD

y21“My turn!” Chloe sang as she picked up the calendar, swallowing the last of her Russell Stover chocolate.

y22“Umm… Madison?”

“Yeah?” I asked after snapping another photo.

“We have a little situation.”

“Go on.”

Event 9

“Where are we supposed to do event number nine, ‘Hang up stockings’?”

I smacked my forehead. “Oh, man! I haven’t made the fireplace yet, Chloe. We’ll postpone that for now. Sorry, guys.”

y24“No worries, Mama,” Cécile smiled reassuringly, taking the calendar from Chloe and stepping next to the gorgeous Christmas tree for a quick photo. “Let’s move on to event 10.”

y25Event 10

“Wish your pet a Merry Christmas,” Cécile laughed. “Come here, Coco! Here, girl!”

y26Aww! ♥

y27Coconut is so sweet and adorable!

y28Coconut: *wink* Sure, we’ll go with that. ;) I mean, arf, arf! ?

y29“Ahh, this is so me,” Chloe beamed. “Take a picture of me doing this one, Madison!”

“What is it?” I asked.

y30Event 11

“Event 11,” she sighed dreamily. “Dream about snow.”

“Ah. I see.”

y31And so she dreamed.

y32And dreamed.

(You know what’s funny? I’m listening to my favorite version of “White Christmas” right now! LOL! I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…)

y33“Let’s see here,” Cécile picked the countdown calendar up again before anyone else could.

y34Event 12

“Ooh!” Cécile squealed. “I’m the perfect one to pose for this event! ‘Mashup “Let it Go.”‘ This calls for a singer!”

“No fair!” Jasmine whined. “I haven’t posed for any of them yet! And I’m dying for attention! Oops… did I just mention that aloud… Uh, can I please pose with you, Cécile? Pretty please? A BFF duet would be so fun!”

“Of course,” Cécile grinned. “Let the fun begin.”

y35Sung to the tune of “Let it Go”

“Let it snow! Let it snow! Clouds can’t hold it back anymore! Let it snow! Let it snow! Florida sure could use some more! Here we stand, and here we’ll stay! We wish for snooooow! We didn’t like the humidity anyway!” Jasmine and Cécile belted out.

Cécile’s lovely voice was a bit more on-tune than Jasmine’s, but together, they sounded quite wonderful. ;)

y36“MY TURN TO POSE FOR AN EVENT,” Jasmine nearly growled as she snatched up the countdown calendar before anyone else had the chance.

Event 13

Go Christmas shopping, everybody! I’m going to place an online order so it can ship here in time for Christmas!” Jasmine called.

“Are you ordering through the DWOD link? That’s extremely important,” I reminded her.

“Yep. This link right here, right?”


y39Ellie wanted to pose next. Leaning against the bunk bed she and Chloe shared, she lifted the calendar to eye level.

Event 14

“Make gifts for family and friends,” Ellie declared. “This should be fun!”

Most everyone else groaned again, having no idea what they should make for their fellow sisters/friends. But Ellie skipped right to it, ready to get creative and crafty again. Or maybe she just had fun making a mess for me to clean up…

y41“Hey, no peeking!” she scolded me as I snapped a picture of her placing the lid on one of her finished gifts. “This is a surprise for everyone!

When event number 15 was read, nobody needed to say a word. In a flash, music was chosen, steps were created, and the camera was ready.

Event 15 – Make a Christmas dance

Fun, fun, fun! ? Of course, Jasmine was the star, but she had Chloe to fight for it. ;)

Now the girls are all caught up on their countdown calendar. Stay tuned for the rest of their events! :D

But wait! Not so fast!

You didn’t think I was going to let you get away without some boring announcements, did you?



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