So your dolls have a Christmas tree, and probably a couple of presents underneath it.

But maybe you’re shooting a stopmotion or photostory/shoot and you want the Christmas tree to be bursting with gifts under its beautiful branches. You want the perfect setup scene with tons of cute doll-sized wrapped goodies. Whatever the case, today I will be showing you how to make these absolutely adorable doll-sized presents!

And the best part is, it’s not just for AG-sized dolls! They can be for any type and size of doll. The gift sizes are completely customizable and turn out adorable in any way! ?

But first, let’s take a look at all the previous crafts of the Christmas Craft Collab…

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Christmas Craft Collab #4 – Christmas Decor

Light4theLord shared tutorials on tons of different ways to make the cutest Christmas decor for your dolls! (Look at that little snowman! Awww! ?) So far, I’ve only made the wreath since my shipment of Christmas paper I ordered was canceled (-__-), but it turned out to be Molly’s favorite Christmas decoration!

Light4theLord Is AwesomeChristmas Craft Collab #5 – DIY Mini Doll Cape and Muff

This is SO cute! You could also probably modify this for 18″ dolls, too! Light4theLord shares a super simple and easy tutorial on how to make the cutest mini doll cape and muff!

Now that you’re all caught up…

… Onto the presents!

Are you ready to get started?

p1You Will Need:

  • LEGO bricks
  • Flat LEGO pieces (the larger, the better)
  • LEGO flat plates of whatever size you want the present to be
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A marker for writing names, if you prefer; I didn’t use it
  • Wrapping paper (this is a perfect way to use up scraps that aren’t big enough for human-sized gifts!)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon
  • (For smaller presents) Christmas-colored small doll hair elastics

Let’s get started!

For larger dolls (around 18″):

p2Pick out the flat LEGO piece you would like the size of your present to be, and begin covering the bottom with LEGO bricks. Make sure they aren’t too long and run off the plate – if they are too short, use other pieces to make up the space. Like Tetris! ?

p3Keep stacking the LEGO pieces until you have the height you want. You should have the perfect cube by then.

p4Now, begin covering the top with your flat pieces (the bigger pieces make this way easier).

Once the top is completely covered with flat pieces, wrap it exactly like you would any ordinary present!

p5IT’S SO CUTE! A teeny-tiny little present! ?

p6I hot glued a ribbon to the top of this one, and just a few days later bought these adorable doll-sized gift bows that would’ve worked perfectly. :P I guess I’ll be making some more. :P

You can decorate it with ribbon or stickers, or write the receiver’s name on it (this doesn’t exactly work if the dolls are actually going to open it, though. These are just props and not actual gifts; can you imagine getting a little random cube of LEGO bricks for Christmas? ?)

And of course, you can make it larger or smaller, longer or shorter, depending on the type of larger doll you have or how much of a variety of gifts you’d like. If you have small dolls like American Girl mini dolls or Barbies, the tutorial below will simplify how to make this craft on a smaller scale.

p11For smaller dolls:

Get small LEGO bricks – like the 2×2 ones. For longer presents, try a 4×2 or 3×2 brick.

p12You can stack flat stud pieces on top to make it taller and then cover it with flat pieces, or if you like the size already, go ahead and cover it with completely your flat pieces.

p13And wrap ’em! ?

p14I wrapped Christmas-colored hair elastics around them like this and was planning to hot glue little bead embellishments on top of them. But not a few moments after the hot glue touched the elastics, they snapped! I was surprised, since I did this last year but did not have the same effect. Perhaps it’s my new, easily-breakable brand of elastics I bought for my dolls. *sigh*

p15I resolved to sticking mini snowflake stickers on top of them and gluing beads without any elastics. I think they turned out pretty cute! :D


Whatever type and size of dolls you have, this craft is easily customizable to fit them perfectly!



Aren’t they adorable? ?

p22A special message from your Olly Molly

If you try out this craft, we would absolutely LOVE to see! Please send your pictures to Mommy’s email address, madison[at]powerofGOD[dot]com. Your pictures will have a chance to be featured in the Christmas Craft Collab Recap on Christmas Eve!

Madi again! :D Stay tuned for what’s coming up next! ;) I had so many exciting things I wanted to pack in this December, I’m having to push ’em over to next year. This December is going to be full of Christmas surprises that I absolutely can’t wait to share!

Merry Christmas, amazing person! ♥