img_0116Last Tuesday I ordered two big pieces of doll furniture…

img_0117Last Thursday I used a gift card to buy another piece of doll furniture…

img_0118That day the two other pieces arrived…

So guess what I’ve been doing with my free time on Thursday and Friday? ?

img_0122 img_0121 img_0120IT’S SO MUCH FUN! ? If you read part 2 of HOTH season 2 you know that I finally ordered two doll bunk beds with my birthday money (that I had gotten all the way back in June :P ). They arrived on Thursday, but you know this. What you don’t know is the story behind the other piece of furniture that I was able to get that day!

img_0139I’ve wanted this for such a long time! But we don’t shop at Target anymore so I figured I’d never be able to get it. As well as anything from Our Generation. :(

Well guess what?

Somebody bought me a bunch of clothes from Target as a gift. I returned them and got a $107 gift card. I was able to buy the Our Generation Wooden Wardrobe with it! And there’s still money left on the card. ? It’s a win-win – Target doesn’t get my money and I get the Wooden Wardrobe for free. ?

img_0126 img_0127But back to the bunk beds, since I assembled those first. Here is the first single bed, finally completed! It took the first one longer to assemble because, well, it was first and building things isn’t my strongpoint (aka I kept messing it up ?), but all the others were easier since I knew what to do by then. :P

img_0128Two single beds completed! They come with extra knobs to put on the top of the posts of the other bed so you can have two single beds if you’d prefer.

img_0129YAY! The first bunk bed is completed! Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?! I love it so much! Definitely worth my first $55. ?

img_0130GAH! I could die over the cuteness! I’ve wanted bunk beds for such a long time and now I finally have them!

img_0131 The ladder is SO cute! And the bedding is amazing!

Josefina was the first to check it out.

img_0133And Chloe’s not far behind! She thinks it is very comfortable but requests that she gets the top bunk with Ellie on the bottom. ?

img_0134Eek! It looks perfect! I love it so much! I might make different bedding for it in the future, but right now I like it because it matches the color of my walls pretty well. Here you see the bunk beds just kinda hanging out until I can organize everything.

And now it’s time for the second bed. :P

img_0136AHH! It’s so cute!! This is EXACTLY the setup I had envisioned. I just love gazing at my doll room and looking at the neat little beds… They’re so cute. The $110 for both beds was well spent. Absolute perfection!

You can buy your own bunk beds here:

img_0140As if that wasn’t enough excitement, I dove headfirst into setting up the Wooden Wardrobe! It’s already assembled and just so amazing. I love it. ?

img_0141And then I decided to just reorganize my entire doll room. Why not? ?

img_0143Such a project went on well into Friday.

img_0144It took a very long time. :P

img_0145And here’s the doll room, late Friday night (hence the bad lighting… heh heh), completely finished! It took a while to figure out where everything would go, but I’m SO happy with how it turned out! I even vacuumed. :P

img_0146The wardrobe is AWESOME. There’s so much storage!

img_0148Here’s how I set it up. The door with the mirror folds out, and I’m just keeping it that way. It came with a little pink vanity seat, but I’m not using it. I didn’t like the pink ribbons attached to everything because the ribbons looked messy, so I tried untying them but they’re glued on. :P

img_0149All the dresses and coats are hung up in the closet part of the wardrobe. I didn’t like the hot pink Our Generation hangers that it came with, so I’m using my own. If you ever plan on getting it, keep in mind that the AG hangers fit the best in here. The ones from the “Sofia’s” brand are big and it will make the longer dresses touch the bottom.

So I eventually hung the longer dresses on the AG hangers I had; that lifted the hem off the floor. I put the shorter ones of the lower-hanging Sofia’s hangers.

On the left you see the shelves. That’s where I put all the shoes. I really like it that way. The taller boots won’t fit in there (unless you want to lay them on their side), so in the bottom left corner of the pic you can see some tall boots just hanging out by the computer desk. ;)

img_0150In the drawer I put thin jackets, all the skirts, and some PJ’s.

img_0152There’s a ton of storage on the top! YAY! From left to right:

•The white bin in the back holds roller skates.
•The blue bin holds swim suits.
•The smaller green laundry basket holds shoes made out of fabric.
•The larger green laundry basket holds leotards and larger clothing accessories like Josefina’s vest and her shawl.
•The light green basket holds tops.
•The pretty basket all the way on the right holds bottoms like leggings, jeans and shorts.

img_0153If I haven’t said it a hundred times already, this setup is so cute. I love it. Makes me just want to stop motion all day long in here!

img_0162The sadly unpainted sock drawer. :( :P

img_0154 img_0155 The beds! ? My mom had some sneaky fun arranging the stuffed animals while I was busy re-organizing. Look at the little turtle peeking out behind the blue pillow on Molly’s bed! Aww!

img_0156And aw!! look at Snowy on the top bunk!! He’s so cute!! ?

img_0157Over here we have some more accessories.

img_0159Earrings! ?

img_0160*cringes at the bad lighting* :P

A little bin of bracelets.

img_0161The underwear drawer. Moving on. :P

img_0163In this blue set of drawers we have more accessories. The bottom drawer holds thinner, easily folded hats.

img_0164The miscellaneous middle drawer holds small, random accessories like Josefina’s pouch, tiaras, etc.

img_0165And the top has hair bows and sunglasses.

img_0166The other big doll accessories are in my big, white cubby. If you look all the way to the right you can see the pink vanity seat from the Wooden Wardrobe I’m not using. :)

img_0167Here’s the entire room!

img_0168 img_0169I can’t get over how cute the entire room is! This has to be one of my very favorite setups. I just love it. ?

img_0170My doll room organizing days are far from over! :P Now I have to re-do Issa and Lexi’s bedroom from Hang on to Hope. I had to get all the furniture out of there to see how the finished result would look in my doll room and there was no way I could wait until the end of season 2 to do that. ?

This has to be my favorite hairstyle on Ellie! :)

This has to be my favorite hairstyle on Ellie! :)

Oh, and expect some AGSM’s in the future. I can’t wait to get started stop motioning in my new beautiful doll room. ?

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for reading, y’all!

What do you think about my finished doll room?