Madison here! Today I got the first results of Molly’s hair. For those of you who don’t know, I’m trying to restore her hair.

IMG_4671This is what it looks like all brushed out and still damp! I am going to curl it!

*a few minutes later*

I just can’t get the look I want with a curing iron. It turns out…sorta funny. Like, seriously funny. Like, seriously funny like funny weird and not funny ha-ha. Like, seriously funny like funny weird and not funny ha-ha like so funny I forgot to laugh kinda weird and funny and not funny at the same time. LOL :P

IMG_4672So using markers and bobbypins as home-made curlers, I will curl her hair this way like I did here and here.

IMG_4673*hours later..* And I took them out! Don’t her curls look beautiful?

IMG_4674They are so gorgeous! One curl didn’t turn out right so I’m re-doing that one.

IMG_4682I DROWNED it with water to try and get it to curl this time. :p

IMG_4691Well, that curl dried hours later and I took it down! Her hair looks soooooo beautiful, I love it!

IMG_4692Molly said she was in need of a photoshoot and I thought so too! :) It’s been a long time since I’ve given some special attention to my first girl. :)

IMG_4693Look at those wildflowers! They are popping up everywhere, and not just those tiny purple ones. White ones, yellow ones (really weeds ;)) and big purple ones! Springtime is here, yay!

IMG_4694I love the tree in the background. :)

IMG_4697Pretty girl :)

IMG_4698Look at the flower in her hair. :)

IMG_4699Well, the curls definitely won’t stay forever so once I savor the look of these curls for as long as they’re ‘new’ to me I will braid her hair, dip the braids in boiling hot water that has cooled for five minutes, and they’ll crimp and wave like that (hopefully.) Then I’ll (hopefully) get the look I really, really want!

What do you think of Molly’s restored hair? The Downy dunk did wonders. Her hair is so much softer, and that brunette color is BACK instead of that raggedy dirty blonde! The ends of her hair aren’t so rugged and split-end like, either. I would love to know if you have restored your doll’s hair before. If you have, what is your favorite method to use?

Have a great doll-filled day :)