Hello, everyone! How’s your Sunday? I had a pretty good one – waking up at 6:00 am to my dad driving the RV back home while I was lying in the RV bed(that was fun:)), church, Mooyah for lunch, and coming home. I’ve been working on a little project….well, BIG) do you know what that is? *looks at title of the post* Oh. Seems like you already know. ;)

As you probably know, I had my first doll Molly for two years and a few months. When I first got her, I used a plastic brush on her – thinking it was a wire wig brush like AG suggests!

Her hair went from THIS:

to THIS:

Terrible, right? I tried washing her hair, brushing it with the right brush, misting, using all of AG’s hair tricks, washing it with conditioner, none of those options were able to help my poor Molly’s hair. I had enough money to get her a new head, but….would my doll ever be the same again? Those eyes when I look into them, they’re special. I would never see those same eyes again if I got her whole head replaced. It might not matter to some people, but to me it does. I tried asking AG if they would just pop her original eyes out and insert them into the new head, but they said they couldn’t do that. And re-wigging? I would hate to do that. I could damage Molly’s head, and then I’d have to get her a new one.

So I am now forced with the solution of a downy dunk.

At first, I was scared. Would it make her hair thin? Damage her hair further? Will it dye her hair blue because the downy I’m using is blue? Thanks to advice from friends online, I finally decided to do a downy dunk, along with curling her hair to try to get this look again:

I’m willing to try.

So today, I dunked her hair in downy! I am going to soak her for twenty-four hours.

IMG_4662IMG_4663I’m ladling Downy on the hair that isn’t submerged hour or so.

IMG_4664IMG_4665I can’t wait to see the results tomorrow, eeeek!

Have you ever tried to restore your dolls hair? Out of all your dolls you have, which one has the best hair? Which one has the worst? Have you ever done a Downy Dunk before?