*now told in the POV of Cecile*

IMG_6925 I brought the now-awake Joy where Emelie and Josefina where, still very upset. “Where’s Molly?” Cecile asked. “Molly ran off to Jasmine and Emelie’s room,” Josefina answered.

IMG_6926 “Guys…” I explained everything. How a weird with-thingy claiming she was the Duchess of Malaysia took Jasmine away after making her give her word she’d be her slave to protect all her friends. How she had the power to control minds. How she was after some valuable pink gem from the mines of Malaysia.

“We have to go find Jasmine and bring her back! The Duchess is probably torturing her or something! Jasmine could be hurt, or….or….” I trailed off…

IMG_6927 I slipped on some spy shades.

IMG_6932 “We have to find her before something happens….if it hasn’t happened all ready. WHO’S WITH ME?!”

IMG_6933 Joy leaned back against the wall. “I hurt all over…” she mumbled weakly.

IMG_6934 Joy fell into Josefina’s welcoming arms. “I’ll take care of her. The Duchess….or, whoever you say she is….sounds like she hurt Joy pretty badly.” Josefina offered.

IMG_6935 Soon Joy was in bed with an ice pack on her forehead, a bandage wrapped around her ankle and band-aids on her scraped arms.

IMG_6936 IMG_6937 IMG_6938 IMG_6939 Joy opened up another band-aid to put it on another scrape.

IMG_6940 IMG_6941 IMG_6942 “She’ll be ok with some TLC and rest.” Josefina told Cecile.

IMG_6944 “But Emelie needs to go with you. You can’t go fight the Duchess alone!”

IMG_6945 “Who said she was fighting? And I can’t go with her! You know how shy and timid I am. I could never go get Jasmine from a WITCH!” I sighed, adjusted my cool spy sunglasses.

IMG_6946 “But…..” Emelie thought for a moment. “I’ll do it for my friend. She gave up her liberty for us, and now we have to save her.”

IMG_6947 Before she left, Emelie placed a “Cheer Up!” sticker on Joy’s wrap on her ankle.

IMG_6948 “I’m ready.”

IMG_6949 Emelie smoother her hair back into a ponytail real quick.

IMG_6950 “If anything happens to me….” Emelie took off her necklace from her Holiday outfit. It was special to her, she wore it all the time. If it didn’t match with an outfit, she’d tuck it in her shirt. She never took it off.

IMG_6951 “Have this to remeber me.” I rolled my eyes. We were going to be fine.

IMG_6952 “I will,” Josefina said seriously, fingering the silver chain.

IMG_6954 “I love you! If this is the last hug I’ll ever give, I want to give it to you.”

IMG_6955 “Let’s stop by Emelie and Jasmine’s room to say our last goodbye to Molly before we leave. She’s too upset to join us, I know, but at least we can say goodbye forever.” Emelie told me.

“Emelie! No one’s dying! We’re going to be fine.”

“Will we?”


IMG_6956…………..will we?