IMG_7024“Wait, Sire!” a servant called after the King.

IMG_7025“Gosh girl, what is it?”

IMG_7026“The Queen ordered me to bring you this. She said your daughter was probably so powerful by now, you’d need this in case anything happened.” The servant told the King.

IMG_7027“I suppose that would be reasonable…” the king muttered, taking the sword out of the servant’s hands.

IMG_7029And then he went down the stairs that led to the dungeon.

IMG_7030I leapt up. Where was I? And why was I so….sore?


IMG_7032I looked about. Where was I?!

IMG_7033The Duchess sat with her hands in heavy duty chains. I gawked.


The Duchess and I were King’s dungeon.

IMG_7036“Duchess? Where are we? What happened? Why are we in prison!?!” I asked her in shock.

IMG_7038“Well, when we were about to be transported to my thinking room, you did exactly what I told you not to do. Pain grew in your body, as I’m sure you knew. That magic was dangerous and I shouldn’t have used it that way! You passed out of the pain and I had no choice but to cancel the magic instantly otherwise we could end up somewhere else and believe me, we don’t want that. Trying to cancel it made a loud whirring noise and we were sucked up into this big tornado thing. We were transported to Malaysia, instead of my thinking room. We fell 20 feet onto packed solid concrete, but thankfully, using my magic, we were able to land softly. You were still out when I realized we were just outside the King and Queen’s castle, lucky us! My parents, the prince and princess I told you about who abandoned me and never wanted to see the likes of me again because of my powers, were now King and Queen. Guards rushed to us. I was gagged and knocked out by order of the King who saw me and recognized me at once. When I awoke, we were in here. I can’t use my hands to lift anybody up – my arms and hands are tied to me with heavy chains!” The Duchess – well, now the princess – said.

“Oh my gosh…”

“Here comes my father, the king.” the duch–the princess said.

IMG_7039“Well, well, well. If it isn’t our newest captives.”

IMG_7037“Hello father.”

IMG_7040“I’m no father of yours. You’re no daughter of mine!”

IMG_7041I stared at his sword. I made up my mind to stay on his good side. Unfortunately, things weren’t looking too good.

IMG_7042“So, what brings you to Malaysia?”

IMG_7043“Um, well, you know, just, um….”

IMG_7044“Excuse me but why am I tied up?” I interrupted.

IMG_7045“Jasmine! Shush!” The princess hissed to me. “Interrupting the king is very serious…”

IMG_7046“I’ll have you know that interrupting the king could result in lifetime imprisonment, but since you’re obviously so far away from America you didn’t know that, I’ll spare you, you’re just a dumb American.”

I felt like punching him in the throat! No one was dumb, no matter where they came from! So much for staying on his good side.

IMG_7047“But why?” I asked again.

“I’ll tell you if little miss powerful here can tell me why she’s back in Malaysia.”

IMG_7040“So, witch. Tell me.” The king demanded.

IMG_7045“I cannot tell you!”

He put the sword to her throat. “I SAID, ‘TELL ME’!” He demanded once more. I held my breath. “Just tell him,” I thought. “Or you’re going to die!”

“I-I-I–” she stammered.

IMG_7052“TELL ME OR I WILL PERSONALLY BEHEAD YOU!” The king obviously had a high temper. His anger roared. I could feel tears brimming up in my eyes. “Please!! Just tell him!!” The Princess was family to me. I was related to her, related to the king, Molly and I were related to Malaysian blood. I then had flashbacks of just hours ago when I hurt her feelings so badly….

I had been mean to her all week and she exploded at me.

She was crying too.

When we tried to console her, she ran off without a word. I wish I never did that, even though the Duchess/Princess had mind controlled me to do so.

I missed Molly…

IMG_7053I snapped back to reality when I heard the Princess say: “I….I came to Malaysia to find the…the…the rare pink gem from the mines here….” The king roared with laughter after that. “Are you SERIOUS? Our ancestors as well as us now have been trying to find that rare pink gem for centuries! I’m beginning to believe the Legend of the Unified is wrong….”

“How c-c-can you sa-ay that–“

“I’m the KING, I can say ANYTHING I WANT! Why would you need the gem, anyways?”


IMG_7055“I was going to give it to you and Mother. I thought that once you saw I had something so valuable many a man died trying to get their hands on it, you’d see me as valuable too…and…make me your daughter again.” She admitted, then started crying.

IMG_7056The King dropped his sword in shock.

IMG_7057“Why don’t you make her your daughter again?” I asked cheerfully.


IMG_7059“JUST BECAUSE SHE’D HAVE SOME STUPID GEM DOESN’T MAKE ME WANT HER! SHE HAS CURSED POWERS AND EVIL WITCHCRAFT. AND I’M BEGINNING TO THINK YOU DO, TOO!” The king’s anger flamed like an unforgiving fire. Was now a bad time to mention what the duchess/princess had said about me having a past involving the mines of Malaysia and related to Malaysian blood? Therefore related to her? The King held the sword to my throat angrily.

IMG_7060“NO!” The princess stood up bravely. “Whatever you do, don’t hurt my adopted daughter!” Adopted daughter? I’d never had a mom before. I’d love to have her as a mother. She knocked the sword out of the king’s hands and away from my neck.

IMG_7069 IMG_7070 IMG_7071

IMG_7073“HOW DARE YOU!” The King shouted to her face. “Diabolical….” he muttered, thinking. “I SENTENCE YOU TO A LIFETIME IMPRISONMENT AND AM PERSONALLY GOING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE HORRIBLE!”

IMG_7075“What about me?” I squeaked. Boy, I was sure having trouble keeping quiet. -___-

IMG_7076“You? I’ll let you go with a mild beating,” he decided.

IMG_7077“But what did I do?

IMG_7078“You are a disrespectful air-headed nincompoop and need to learn to keep your mouth shut and learn your place, as well as you were caught with this…this….evil witch here!”

IMG_7079“She’s been a wonderful girl and I love her!”


IMG_7080“Duchess – I mean, Princess – what’s going to happen to you?”

IMG_7081“I’ll leave you two to say your last goodbyes. You are NEVER seeing each other again!”

IMG_7082“Oh, and, I’ve changed my mind about you, girl. I’m not letting you go! You’re going to stay and my palace and be the Queen’s first lady for the rest of your life! You’re never going home if you ever had one!”

Then the king left.

IMG_7083“Did you hear that? I’m never going – oh, wait, why should I complain? You’re sentenced to a lifetime imprisonment! I’m so sorry!” I cried.

IMG_7084“Jasmine, listen to me. I have a plan,” she said in a hushed whisper. “If I can’t lift things with my hands I’ll use my mind to have the guard unknowingly unlock this cell door once you’re gone with the King. I’ll find the mines of Malaysia but I’ll need you to help me get the pink gem. Once I’m there I will transport you over to me and we’ll figure out the plan from there, ok?”

IMG_7087“Are we going to die?”

“Of course not!”

IMG_7088“Said your last goodbyes yet?” the King stomped in.

I turned to the Princess.

“Goodbye, Princess.” I whispered.

“No. Call me mother. Goodbye, daughter. I love you.”

“I love you too!”

I held myself back from saying “see you soon.”

IMG_7089The King felt satisfied.

IMG_7090“I’m in control here.”



Note from Madison: OH MY GOSH! I think this is the best series I’ve ever done!! I myself can’t wait for Part 5! XD