YES!!! IT IS HERE!!! I AM EXCITED AS YOU MUST BE. Now, the first part has only ONE picture because it’s mostly all words. I didn’t have an actual mine or even special effects to look like the dolls were in one, nor did I have the time.

But this is probably the longest post I’ve ever written. HERE WE GO…………


Emelie, Cécile, Demetria (my mother) and I all were gone in a POOF of smoke. We appeared only milliseconds later in front of a gold mine. I nearly fainted. There it was.

“Okay, Jasmine. Before we go in, now is the time to tell you about your past involving these mines of Malaysia.” Demetria told me. I nodded.

“You were born here. How, why, I do not know. But I think you will find the gem more easily knowing you were born in this very mine. You HAVE to find that pink gem. It’s my LAST HOPE.” Demetria explained to me. I nodded.

Demetria turned to everyone.

“I need EVERYONE to keep their eyes open for the pink gem/diamond thing. PLEASE. Let’s go in.”

With another poof of smoke a flashlight appeared in her hand. Flick. She turned it on. “Let’s go.” She whispered.

Instantly the light disappeared. It was dark and dusty. Any moment, a prop could have fell and we could have been caved in.

Are those bats I hear? I wondered. Was I just making up things? We kept close together. It was so silent, you could hear our breathing like it was the loudest fan. I was so scared. It was up to me to find the pink gem/diamond – I think it was a diamond – and if I couldn’t find it, The King would never love Demetria any more.

How would I find it? The King and his men had searched for years- king after king after king and still have found no diamond. They followed the riddle of an old legend only the King knew of.

After hours of aimless walking and looking, I was cold and hungry. “Let’s turn back,” Cécile whispered. “Which way is back?” Emelie shuddered.

“We have to keep pressing on – the diamond is very valuable to my father! If he sees I posses somethign of that worth he might find some in me. We can’t quit now.” Demetria whispered.

We kept walking until I stumbled over a large rock and skinned my knee. “Ouch!” I grit my teeth and TRIED to be tough. My knee felt wet, it was bleeding pretty bad.

“Jasmine – look! What you tripped on!” Demetria gasped.

I turned around and nearly screamed. Peeking out of the was the rare pink diamond.




IMG_1717I had never seen Demetria so upset. She was hastily getting ready and buffing and shining the rare pink diamond, getting it ready to present it to her father.

IMG_1718She had on but only her nicest clothes.

IMG_1719 IMG_1720 IMG_1721Her hair was done elegantly (by me) in a five-strand weave braid.

IMG_1724 IMG_1725“Okay. I’m getting ready to go up to his palace. The guards certainly won’t let me in, so I’ll just *POOF* to the hallway leading to his throne.” She sighed. “Jasmine, I’ll ‘*poof*’ you in when the time comes, OK? Be ready.”

IMG_1726She took a step forward with a big, deep breath.

IMG_1728“Here we go.”

IMG_1729The King sat upon his lovely throne, pondering upon kingly matters and such, when a servant called out: “Your Majesty, a woman is here to see you.”

IMG_1730 IMG_1731 IMG_1732 IMG_1733 IMG_1734“If it’s another peasant asking for a loan, tell her to come by later! I’m having my Royal Thinking Time!”

IMG_1735Demetria burst through the doors. “I have not come asking for a loan,” she cried indignantly, revealing a beautiful Princess-y accent.

IMG_1736“Demetria!” The king roared. “I thought you were locked up in my prison!” How did you escape?!”

IMG_1737“You’ve forgotten I have magic.”

“Oh, believe me, how could I EVER forget? Nasty evil witch!”

“Let’s keep this on adult level, shall we? Name calling is a bit childish for a king, don’t you think?” Demetria said stoutly.

“How dare you speak to me that way!” The king roared again. Demetria took breather for a moment. Things weren’t going out the right way. Beads of perspiration formed at her forehead, and if there was an contest for somersaults, her stomach would have one an Olympic gold medal.

IMG_1742“Father, let me show you what I have brought.” Demetria said.

With a *POOF* I appeared!

IMG_1738I had the chest in hand.

IMG_1740“Bet you’re wondering what’s in here.” I smiled.

IMG_1743I handed it to her swiftly. (hence why the pic is blurry.)

IMG_1746“Father, may you get acquainted with-“


IMG_1790The King’s eyes opened as wide as saucers. His jaw dropped. “W-w-w-here did you get that?!” He demanded, gingerly touching it, and then holding in his hand.

IMG_1791 IMG_1793IMG_1795“We found it in the nearby mines,” Demetria teared up. “My daughter, Jasmine found it….” the tears overspilled.

IMG_1796“I thought if you saw the pink diamond with your very eyes…..I….” the tears were overflowing, drenching her cheeks. “I thought you would see Jasmine and I valuable too,” she sobbed for a moment.

Somethign changed in the king’s heart. Something supernatural only God could work a miracle through.

IMG_1797A tear slipped out. “Demetria, I’m….sorry….”

IMG_1798She was pulled into a hug. “I’m sorry. So very, very sorry! I love you no matter what. I can’t believe how stubborn I was… are so much more valuable to me than any pink diamond!”

The king cried.

IMG_1799IMG_1794I decided to let them have their daddy-daughter time and not say anything.


Things have a way of working out, don’t they?

Demetria made a decision to no longer use her witchcraft. The royal Malaysian family was finally together again. And I was the Duchess, however I decided to live with Madison and my friends instead. That’s where I belonged.

As for Jenny, the servant girl I wanted to help? Together, we convinced the king to be kinder to servants. None of them would be slaughtered. They’d be treated more kindly.

As for Molly and I? We made up. She understood it was all Demetria’s doing ;) And, we bonded together more easily instead of arguing all the time. We felt closer, knowing that somehow, we were related to each other.

This ends our story.

Is it fiction? Or did this all really happen to everyone one of us? Well, my friends, it is up to YOU to decide that.

We hope you have enjoyed!


Madison here!

My sister, for buying me the pink diamond from Hobby Lobby. She saw it, thought I’d like it, and gave it to me. I love her so much. Little did she know I was searching inspiration to make another great photo story series. And here was the solution. I thank God every day for her. I LOVE YOU MAKENZIE LORFING!!!!!!