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***still told in the POV of Jasmine***

IMG_7131I was now the Queen’s lady’s maid. I was in appropriate attire and now fixing her hair. “How does it look, m’lady?” I asked. I was determined to stay on her good side. No matter what.

IMG_7132 IMG_7133Her room was anything but fancy, with only a bit of modern wiring behind her makeshift vanity.

IMG_7134I made a few finishing touches to the bow.

IMG_7135“M’Lady?” I asked again.

IMG_7136“Hmm? Oh, it’s nice, it is! I love it.”

IMG_7137She reached up and touched the bow. “This is magnificent. I am so delighted with you.”

IMG_7138“Please. I want to know more about you!”

IMG_7139“How did you come to Malaysia?”

IMG_7140 “Um, well, if you, um, must know….”

IMG_7141I pushed the chair into the desk. “I came with your daughter.”

IMG_7142I heard a crash behind me. I turned around quickly.


IMG_7144“HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME?!” The Queen was outraged. So much for staying on HER good side! “The King — he was supposed to tell you!”

IMG_7146“MY DAUGHTER IS HERE AND NO ONE TOLD ME?! I thought she was dead! The last time I saw her, it was when I sent her away. I regret it so much. Where is she? I must know where she is to tell her how sorry I am!”

IMG_7145“She’s in the king’s prison!”

IMG_7158She slapped me across the face with so much force it threw me to the ground.

IMG_7173“THE DUNGEON?!!!! WHAT DID SHE DO?!!!!!!!!”

IMG_7174All of the sudden, she clamped her hand over her mouth, realizing what she was doing. “I am….SO sorry! I-I-I don’t know what came over me just now!”

IMG_7175She helped me up.

IMG_7176“It’s ok. Your daughter is closer than you think. She’s controlling your actions just like mine when I first met her. OK, Princess of Malaysia, come out now! We know you’re there!” I said.


My adopted mother appeared. She must have used her mind control to make the guard unlock the prison like we said. But why wasn’t she in the mines, finding the pink gem yet? Maybe she needed to see her mother first to heal her broken heart?

IMG_7178“Demetria?” That must’ve been her name.

IMG_7179“Why did you come back?!”

IMG_7180The Queen rose her hands.

“No, mother don’t strike me!” Demetria screeched as her mother came lunging at her.

IMG_7181….but only to give her a hug!

IMG_7182“I am so, so sorry, Demetria! I never should have sent you away! I love you, witchcraft and all!”

“It’s ok, mothe—” Demetria paused. “Am I still your daughter?” she asked.

“Yes if you still love me enough so I can be your mother again!”

“Yes, yes!!”

IMG_7183That’s when I noticed a picture of Demetria on the Queen’s wall. She looked young in that picture. It was probably before the Queen sent her away.

IMG_7184“I love you Demetria!! Tell me, how did you end up in your father’s prison? Why have you come back to me? Are you married?”

So everything came pouring out! and no she wasn’t married.

IMG_7185I decided to leave. They must want a private time alone, with no lady’s maid/servant girl hanging around.

IMG_7186“Wait! Jasmine!”

IMG_7187“Come back!”

IMG_7188I turned around to face my adoptive mother. “Yes?”

IMG_7189“Daughter, I’d like you to meet my mother, the Queen! Mother, this is my adopted daughter.”

IMG_7191“Pleasure to meet you, though you already know me. You can call me Grandmother.” The Queen smiled. :)

IMG_7192“Now we can live here forever in a happy family! Jasmine is the duchess, I am the Queen, and my daughter the princess is here now!”

Whoever thought I would be the real Duchess of Malaysia?

IMG_7193I hated to ruin the party, but… “There’s one slight problem.”

IMG_7194“What, darling?”

IMG_7195“I-I-I— I don’t belong here.”

“You’re always welcome with us, granddaughter!”

“I know that, and thank you! But…..I have a home. I have friends I live with who are just like sisters to me…and….and….I have a legal guardian and it would be wrong to leave and stay here.”

IMG_7197“What if Madison agreed to let you stay with us? You are part of our family. With a mixed-up past involving the Mines of Malaysia somehow (more on that later) and your parents are now dead, Madison takes care of you BUT if she handed you over to us wouldn’t that work out perfectly? We are your…REAL family!” Demetria suggested.

IMG_7196“I know, but….”


“It doesn’t feel right. I know I’m welcome here, but, I can’t leave and stay here. Is it ok if I just….visit or something? To see my adoptive family every once in a while? But….My place is at Delightful World of Dolls way back in the United States. I belong there.”

IMG_7198“Of course, Dear!” Demetria told me comfortingly.

IMG_7199“Thank you, mother! I love you!”

IMG_7200“I will stay to help you find the rare pink gem of Malaysia though. To prove to your father you are something valuable.”

“Thank you!”


IMG_7202All of the sudden Demetria went into like this trance with her eyes closed.

It was really weird,

and super creepy.

IMG_7203“Mother? Mother! Are you oK????”

IMG_7204“Honey??? Demetria?!!!” now the Queen was worried.

Demetria was dying.

IMG_7205All of the sudden she opened her eyes. She wasn’t dying! YAY! “I see your friends Emelie and Cecile. They are coming for you but will not make it. If they continue on their current path, they will surely……”

“Don’t say it!”

“…die. It isn’t safe and they’re going alone! We have to go stop them and let them know you are ok!”

IMG_7206“What about your father? And the rare pink gem?” I asked.

“If you are willing, when we have rescued your friends we can pick up the matter afterwards. I have to mend things between me and my father.”