IMG_7102 Hey everyone! Joy here! This blog/site is basically an online journal so I know longer use my paper journal any more, that is now for just jotting down random ideas that pop into my artistic mind.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Jasmine paid me $20 bucks to stand up here and be in my underpants to show the whole online world. But it wasn’t hard because she hid my other pants/shorts/skirts from me anyways, and now, I’m super rich.

And the pants I am holding are wet! Madison washed them for me because they had these mysterious (and quite hideous) brown stains on the back of one leg. We have no idea where they came from and I haven’t sat on anything weird! So after they were gently hand-washed, they were wet, and Madison told me to hang them on an indoors clothes line.

IMG_7103Hanging the line…

IMG_7104Standing on the swivel chair (with rolling feet!) probably wasn’t the greatest idea that popped into my artistic brain, but, it worked.

IMG_7105Time for the clothespins! We got these at Michaels crafts store but you can find them anywhere. I can’t remember the price but it was under $5.

IMG_7106A bunch of mini clothespins!! YIPPEE!

IMG_7107Having lots of clothespin fun! :)



IMG_7111Now it’s time to hang the freshly-washed pants on the line!

IMG_7112 IMG_7115 IMG_7117Smoothing the pants out (I didn’t want them drying with wrinkles!)

IMG_7118NOW I find my shorts!

IMG_7119You are my new best friend!


IMG_7123Then, just for fun, I hung up some dry pants of mine that Jasmine revealed to me. It’s not often you get to hang up clothes on a clothesline with all our modern dryers now-a-days!

IMG_7124Smile! :)

IMG_7125And then since I dumped them all out Madison told me to put the unused clothespins back in the bag -__-

IMG_7126Until next time,

joysignatureP.S. Yes that is my new huge signature!