We are nearing to the end of Mines of Malaysia! I’m pretty sure I won’t be making a second season. In case you’re not caught up on all the previous parts, here’s the link to every post tagged Mines of Malaysia.

Random thing before you read on to the photostory: I met another American Girl fan at the park today! She was in our homeschool group. I gave her the link to this site, maybe she will comment and you can meet her. :) I saw three of her dolls, #55, #61, and Felicity. American Girl is popular in the homeschool community!


Here’s the direct link to the previous Mines of Malaysia part just in case you want to know what’s happening again.

IMG_7676“Wait!!! Emelie!!” Cécile called after me. Her curls were a mess and we were tired from constantly trampling around in a hopelessly aimless direction, desperate to save our friend,

IMG_7677“What??? I’m 99.999999999 percent sure Jaz went this way! That bright pink hair clip on that hill is unmistakably hers.” I told her triumphantly.

IMG_7678“What’s there to wait for, anyways?” I asked.

IMG_7679 IMG_7681 IMG_7680“Emelie!” Cécile gawked for a moment at me. “I can’t believe it. You’re usually so cautious and concerned, look at all the long grass! Mama told us not to get too close. There are snakes under all that.” I pulled my arm away from her grip. “You and your sisters are the only ones who don’t know what it’s like to not have anyone you can call ‘Mama’. Madison has no control over me! It’s time for a revolution, and I’m going to find Jasmine and save my friend!” I declared stubbornly. Really, I was a little shocked at myself. I was usually one to be a good girl and stay out of trouble. Why was it that all of the sudden, a fiery spirit rose inside of me?

“She’s your legal gaurdian. Of course she has every control over you! Stop being ridiculous! Snakes can really hurt you, you really you’re only an 18 inch doll and snakes are a threat to who knows how many feet tall humans? You’re putting yourself in danger!” Cécile argued right back.

“I’m willing to risk my life for a friend.” I took a few steps forward.

“Emelie, please don’t!” Cécile was yelling. “I feel in my heart God doesn’t want you to go over there! For your own safety!” All of the sudden, I heard thunder rumble. Had I not realized the storm clouds quickly overtaking the sun?

Woah….I thought. That was powerful. On second thought, maybe being killed my a poisonous snake wasn’t the way to save Jasmine after all.

“Fine then. I’ll go around.” I finally decided.

IMG_7682“Emelie, we should stay away from these hills are together!” Cécile begged me.

I pushed her out of the way. She may be fashionable and not shy, but when it came to a warrior spirit, that was mine.

IMG_7683“Emelie, please!”

IMG_7684“I have to get a closer look at that barrette that is totally Jasmine’s. I’m sure the witch took her this way!” I yelled back.

IMG_7685“EMELIE!” Cécile screamed. I went dead silent. Everything in me wanted to utter a blood-curdling scream and run for my life back towards my house, but any sudden movement and the snake in front of me would strike.

IMG_7686I stood dead still as the snake slithered in front of me. Its eyes gleamed at me. It coiled up, not liking the looks of me. “God,” I prayed. “God help me………….”

all of the sudden, the snake disappeared with a *POOF*

A young woman and then Jasmine appeared with another big *POOF*.

“Emelie, Cécile – I’d like you to meet the Duch—rather, the Princess of Malaysia and my mother.” She gestured to the young lady.

Who was a witch.