I can’t get over how pathetic I feel. I literally almost start every Mines of Malaysia part with an apology! Bear with me, patient readers – you are all so kind. Beautiful weather has come and Fall is coming. We’re getting adjusted to our new Fall schedule, so everything around here is a little hectic – My mom put in two new classes to our homeschool session today, Art and Poetry, and wants to do History regularly now, and on top of that, we’re going through and getting everything done and finishing off my cyber school program, Switched-On-Schoolhouse. I’m almost finished with that program, and ready for the new updated program with my new level!

Now that you are updated on my life and understand why the MinesOfMalaysia posts are coming slowly, here’s the next post. I hope to be posting more frequently.


IMG_7654It was a beautiful day. The sun was setting. Everything felt perfect.

IMG_7655Except it wasn’t.

IMG_7656We were on a mission.

IMG_7657A mission to save a friend.

IMG_7658A mission to save Jasmine.

IMG_7659We had changed outfits before we left, thankfully, because or dainty shoes we had on would have practically been torn apart with all the trekking we did. We were wandering hopelessly in an aimless direction, praying for guidance – where was Jasmine?

IMG_7660We decided to go down to the overgrown grassy ditch and see if we could find any telltale clues there.

IMG_7661It was then that was both tripped on a tree root!

IMG_7662“Aaaack!” I screamed as Cecile and I toppled over .

IMG_7663Thankfully, we landed in the grassy, grass, grassful (get the picture?) ditch, so we were okay!

IMG_7664We rolled over and soaked up the sun. For a moment, we were content to rest and forget our troubles and worries.

IMG_7665“You know what?” I asked Cecile. She turned her head over to look at me. “What?” she asked.

IMG_7666I grabbed her hand.

“I hope we live through this.” I said.

IMG_7667She looked at me for a moment, and slowly smiled sweetly. “I know we will. Everything will be fine. We’ll find Jasmine, save her, take her home, and everything will be okey-dokey!”

IMG_7668I liked the sound of that. I laid on the comfy grass and breathed in the sweet late-afternoon sun. Fall was coming soon, and everything was going to cool down greatly and we would all drink Apple Cider and play outside in the leaves with jackets on and–

IMG_7669I shot up. “What are we doing here, relaxing like lazy couch potatoes? Jasmine is in trouble and we have to save her!” I cried.

IMG_7673Okay then, let’s go! (SORRY FOR BLURRY PICTURE)

IMG_7675We got up and ran in an aimless direction hoping we were on the right track. What if the witch Cecile told us about transported her to Malaysia all ready? What if we never got there?

“Wait, is that a hairpin I see on that hill? Jasmine wore that one! The pink one!!! She went this way!” I exclaimed excitedly. At last, some hope!

IMG_7676“Emelie, wait!” Cecile said seriously. There was fear and a touch of death in her voice that made me shudder.