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IMG_7380The Princess woke up suddenly.

IMG_7381“Today’s the day we save Jasmine’s friends. I remember seeing if they would continue on their current path, they will surely…..die.” she said to herself.

IMG_7382She bolted out of bed.

IMG_7383“Better choose a much better trekking outfit however.”

IMG_7384“Trekking outfit.” she spoke.


IMG_7385She looked at herself in the mirror. “Wow…..” she said. “I make myself look like the 20-year-old young woman I am.

IMG_7386Then I came into the room.

IMG_7387“Hello, mother!”

IMG_7388“WHAT ONE EARTH IS THAT….THAT….BOUFFANT DOING ON YOUR HEAD?! You aren’t in the 1700’s!!!!!” She gawked.

IMG_7389“No offense darling, but that looks absolutely ridiculous.”

IMG_7390“It’s just so I can keep my hair out of my face, besides, it’s something called a très chic hairstyle, it’s retro fashion mother! It’s original and classy!” I argued.

IMG_7391“I suppose it will do while we travel or try to do whatever to save them or stop them I don’t know…..” she said thoughtfully.

IMG_7392Then a young servant girl came in. “Your special item you requested, ma’am,” she said holding out a little leather pocket, presenting it to the Princess.

“Thank you.” the princess said and motioned for the girl to leave.

IMG_7394So the girl turned to leave.

Then I had this weird pang in my heart. I wasn’t always one for mercy and compassion, but all of the sudden, my heart went out to this girl and I couldn’t deny the questions that went through my head. Was she being treated good? She looked as thin as a toothpick, did the King ever see to it she got nutritional food? What lay ahead for her future?

IMG_7396“Wait! I called after her.

IMG_7397“Yes ma’am?”

“What’s your name?”

“Jenna, ma’am.”

“You don’t have to call me that. I know I’m technically royalty but–“

my mother cut in. “Leave now, Jenna.”

IMG_7399Jenna turned to leave once more. She started walking away.

“No! Come back!”

“No, Jenna, leave! I have a higher authority than her! Obey me! Or else!”

Jenna ran off.

“Mother, how can you do that? I just wanted to ask her some questions!!”

“Why fool around with the servants? The King has so many of them! The little girl doesn’t matter!” my mother said.

“You don’t even care for her? What about her future? Does the King shelter old people who can’t work anymore?”

My mother went silent.

“You know, don’t you?” I pried.

“He’s only been King for so long. His servants haven’t become so old yet. Maybe he’ll be different and not do the same as all the other kings did.” My mother finally said.

“What did all the other kings do?”

“You’re not going to like this.”


“They slaughtered the ones that were too old to work anymore.”

“WHAT?!!!! WHY?!!!!!!!!!”

IMG_7400“Jasmine, you’re getting too involved! We have to go save you friends NOW if you want to spare their LIVES.”

“I want to spare that girl’s life, too!” I argued. My mother pointed her hand at me.

IMG_7401“No! Don’t!!!” I tried to yell. It seems a bad temper ran in the family. -__-

IMG_7402I screamed as she lifted me into the air with her magic.

IMG_7403She thrust me onto the bed.

“Stop it!!! Do anything more with your magic and you’ll regret it!” I yelled at her. “Jenna will get killed in no time at all, time flies!! Have YOU ever been a servant?! NO! I DON’T THINK YOU HAVE! You don’t know what it’s like!”

I saw something change in my mom’s eyes. For a minute, she seemed to be having a two-second flashback, then they raged with anger again. Then she closed them for a moment and turned away sadly.

IMG_7404“Believe me.


“I know what that’s like.” She said quietly.

IMG_7405“Mom, I’m sorry…” I got up and trailed off.

IMG_7406I slipped my hand into hers.

IMG_7407“No. I’m sorry. I’m just going through a rough time right now. I feel like time is running out – for your friends, and with me and my father. I’m so heartbroken and hurt. I just want him to except me. I’m so angry – I’m never good enough for him! I’m sorry for taking my anger out on you………” she told me. “I’ll explain later about me knowing exactly what it’s like to be a servant, rather, a slave really. You can help that girl Jenna.”

IMG_7409“These are hard times for all of us. The least we can do is help each other….like you’re doing with me, helping me find the pink gem and all.” She said again.

I hugged her, then called Jenna back in.

IMG_7410“Jenna, I want to help you.” I said. “I’m going to find a way for you and your family to live in America and you don’t have to be killed by the king!”

“I don’t have a family.” Jenna mentioned sadly.

“Then I’ll find someone to adopt you! I won’t let the King kill you!”

IMG_7411“Oh…….THANK YOU!” She exclaimed.

IMG_7412She overcame her respectful servant-shyness and embraced me in a huge hug!

IMG_7413“You’re welcome. I know what it’s like to not have a family either.” I told her sweetly.

IMG_7414“You do?”

“Yes. Right now, I have to go save two very special people, but stay here and keep serving the king – you have my honest word – I’ll come back for you and help you. I promise.”

I told her truthfully.

IMG_7416“Ready?” I asked mother.

IMG_7417She held the mysterious leather pouch in her hand. “Ready.”

IMG_7418“Say the following words with me, with your eyes closed, holding this leather pouch, on the count of three. Say, ‘rettilg lag.’ OK?” “OK….”

IMG_7419“What if something happens, like last time? That hurt SO much.”

IMG_7420“It won’t. I won’t dare use that sort of magic again. This is different. These words won’t rhyme. Therefore, a different effect.” My head buzzed. Confusing witchcraft.

IMG_7421“Here we go.”

IMG_7422Rettilg lag.” we said.


We were gone in an instant.

to be continued