****Molly here. Where we left off, the Barbeis had tried to hurt poor little Molly-Anne and now we AG dolls are getting serious about this.****

The barbies we admiring Priscilla Venus’s hot new dress. “It’s the latest fad,” Priscilla explained. H. Skipper threw her hands up and said, “It’s absolutely GORGEOUS!” The other Barbies did the same.
All of the sudden, Coconut appeared on the scene. “Well, well, well,” laughed Priscilla. “What do we have HERE? An AG DOG? We’ll take care of THIS, won’t we, girls?” Priscilla asked her group with her same evilness in her voice that she had said before when she had tried to hurt Molly-Anne.
At Priscilla’s shrieking command, “CHARGE!!!” all the Barbies – H. Skipper, Hazel, and Hannah – dog piled the dog. (LOL get it? ;P)
Hannah was brave enough to tie a rope onto Coconut’s collar, climb up onto the High Bars of the AG Gym, and tie coconut onto that! She was HANGING Coconut! Coconut felt weak, and nauseous, and faint to the head. Would she die?
Meanwhile, all the Barbie’s were high-fiving each other. “Haha, another AG item down!” Priscilla cheered, high-fiving H. Skipper. Hazel and Hannah high-fived each other as well.
But oh, who should come to save the day but……Josefina, Cecile and I’s baby cousin Lavender? “HEY YOU BOO BOO BAWBEEEEES!!!!” she bawled. “GIANT BABY!!!!” screeched H. Skipper. “RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!” The Barbies made a run for it, Lavender’s spit drooling out of her mouth, ready to devour any one of them in baby slobber. She started chasing them.
Priscilla Venus, however, wasn’t so fortunate  She tripped on her high-heel shoes and that sent her crashing to the (soft) floor of the gym. Baby Lavender threw herself onto the pitiful Barbie and started devouring her in baby slobber.



Priscilla, downright mad with her face and hair all drooly and blurry from the slobber, screeched “You’ll pay for this. ALL OF YOU! Every single AG doll, item, pet, etc will PAY!!!”
As Priscilla stormed off, Lavender, being the smart, intelligent, beautiful, cute, adorable, blue-ribbon, top-of-the-line, top shelf baby she was, knew how to un-attach Coconut’s collar, and Coconut fell into her hands. She grabbed the rope dangling from the top of the High Bar, too.
She stroked Coconut’s fur. Somehow, Lavender knew what was going on against the AG dolls and Barbie’s, and knew it wouldn’t end anytime soon. In fact, this was just the beginning.