Molly here – a mean new girl came today. UH OH!
Near the gym we heard loud chattering and excitement. “Oh my gosh! A new Barbie, how exciting!” “I’m H. Skipper, who are you, new Barbie?” “Did you hear? She was born in New York but raised in Paris, France! She just moved here!” “Don’t crowd her, you’re making her uncomfortable!” and many more similar exclamations.
I looked their way. Sure enough, there was a new, never-seen-before Barbie walking around with a crowd of other Barbies around her. I shuddered. I didn’t like Barbies. I had quite enough experience with them. They had tried to capture our dog, Coconut, in Runaway Coco Part 3. They had tried to ruin our closet of clothes at our old home in The Barbies Revenge Part 1The Barbies Revenge 2 and The Barbies Revenge 3.They even crushed my heart at The Black Friday Party before Josefina and Cecile were adopted. Was I ready to encounter them again?
Still, I was very curious about this new Barbie. Maybe this one was nice?
I could hear them talking. About American Girl. New Barbie: “Have you ever heard of “American Girl Dolls”? They stink!” H. Skipper: “YES! We try to pester them, they stole our spotlight.” New Barbie: “Exactly!!”
I angrily walked up to the crowd. “Umm…hi. What’s your name?” I asked. The New Barbie flipped her hair and answered, “Priscilla. Priscilla Venus. Venus, that’s right, just like the roman goddess of love.” I blinked. Roman? goddess? Of love? I didn’t think “Priscilla” was a Christian. Wasn’t Venus kinda…bad? “I heard you, um, were talking about my kind of doll,” I started out again. I cleared my throat again. “And it wasn’t very nice talk.” The new Barbie threw her head back and laughed. “And whatcha gonna do about it, hon?” I blushed as all the other Barbies chorused each other in laughter. I coughed, regained my bearings, and shot back, “I’m going to put a stop to it, that’s what I’ll do!” The Barbie’s were quiet. The New Barbie tilted her head. Then she burst out in laughter. “Did you hear that, girls? This AG doll is gonna “put a stop to it”!” They all laughed and laughed. “Like an American Girl doll can do anything right!” one jeered. I looked down at my feet.
“HEY!” Cecile, my big, adopted older sister, stepped in. “Don’t mess with my little sis. You dumb old, fad-style, Justin Beiber-loving, no-good, immature Barbies. Stop being so rude to my little sistah. You’re all teenagers, and you act like toddlers. You’re being SO immature, so may I kindly ask you to stop your little plan, whatever it is, because if you don’t, keep in mind we are 10 times bigger than you, and with my amazing super strength, I could seriously beat you up. So, who’s reasy for a broken nose?” there was silence. “BETTER NOT BE YOU.”
Priscilla’s jaw dropped open. “Listen here, big guy,” she snapped. “I’m the popular girl at home in Paris and I’m the popular girl here, too, and I am NOT putting up with you. You’re not even worth looking at, you pathetic, fat doll. C’mon, girls!”
With that she huffed off with all of her Barbie friends.
Meanwhile, I slinked off to a corner of the gym. Cecile came up to me. “It’s ok, sis. I got yo back,” she told me lovingly. I looked away, not wanting her to see me cry. “What’s wrong, Molls?” I didn’t answer. “I’ll take care of those Barbies,” she told me reassuringly  “They won’t tease you again. You gotta learn to toughen up. Show ’em those words won’t get to you! They have every right to tease you and push your buttons, but you have every right to ignore them.” I looked at her. “Thanks, Cece,” I murmured. “Vous êtes les bienvenus!” She answered in french. (You’re welcome) “I still feel kinda bad for ‘Priscilla’. She came from Paris, France, and I did too! Well, from New Orleans, but you get the point.”
Meanwhile, Priscilla was showing her “Fans” her “mad splits skills.” I snorted. “mad” splits skills? Seriously, she stunk at them! I could go WAY farther. But those brain-washed Barbies were still shocked and amazed at it.
She also showed them her (not very good) back handspring.
She stuck her proud, final pose. She called it the “Venus pose”. All the Barbie’s started trying it. I was annoyed, what was so amazing of her failing moves?
As she did her head-stand splits (which, I have to admit, was pretty cool) Molly-Anne heard the commotion and decided to drop by, curious.
“Well, well, well,” laughed Priscilla. “What do we have here? A little American Girl? We’ll take care of HER, won’t we, girls?” she asked her little group. All the Barbies laughed and said “Yes!”
“Mwa ha ha haaa!” jeered Priscilla, picking up Molly-Anne by the feet. All the other Barbies gasped. Yes, they tried to annoy and pester the AG dolls, but was this going too far? They were good at heart. They never wanted to HURT anybody! “Let’s drop her,” laughed Priscilla. H. Skipper blurted out, “No! I don’t want you to HURT anyone!!” Priscilla looked at her. “You’re not sticking up for this little girl, are you? It’s fun to torture little AG dolls. Are you SCAAAAARED?” she jeered. H. Skipper rapidly shook her head. “O-of course not! Drop her, let her go! I-I was just joking,”
“STOP IT.” Cecile yelled between grit teeth. “I’ve had enough of your immature nonsense. And now you’re going this far as to HURT Molly-Anne? You could break her neck. I’ve had enough of this. I am NOT afraid to tell my mom, Madison. She’s the ruler of all the dolls, did you know that?”
Cecile snatched Molly-Anne from Priscilla’s hand. I was almost in tears. They were trying my doll, almost daughter. The mini-doll that was mine, I had a bond with her. I was close to sobbing my heat out. I felt overwhelmed. “That’s right, I’m telling my mom, Madison, and she’s probably going to kick you out of DollyTown for a LONG time, and all of your little “friends” too!”
“Fine, whatever, I don’t care if you tell your mom!” Priscilla huffed. “You’ll be SORRY you messed with our fun!” Then she and her friends huffed off angrily.
Cecile and I sat down and told Molly-Anne, “You may NOT go anywhere without telling me or Cecile, OK, Moly-Anne? Stay with me, Josefina, or Cecile at all times. I don’t want you to get hurt,” MOlly-Anne nodded, understanding fully. I glanced over at Cecile.”I have a feeling this isn’t the stop to these Barbie’s trouble,” I said shakily. “This is only the beginning.”
P.S. Madison here! I got Priscilla Venus at the hospital for being a good patient when I got my steroid shot in my knee. Even though I’m not a big fan of Barbie’s anymore, I knew she’d be perfect for a series of photo-stories for my(CORRECTION – Molly’s ;)) blog! I know, Priscilla is really mean, but she gets better.  Just stay tuned! :D