IMG_2403Heyo peeps! The super awesome amazing intelligent Jasmine here and I am documenting our trip to Texas Bible Institute, for we took the long six-hour trip there to take Madison’s big sister there.

IMG_2404I had a quick breakfast of mini doll-sized pancakes (no syrup :( ) before heading out!


In the van (Madison’s BFF’s family let them use it for the trip in exchange for borrowing their truck. I mean, honestly, how can you move five people’s luggage in one tiny truck? Pffft! Not me! *flips hair*) I managed to unfold a bent magazine to read. It was the September/October issue of last year.



When we get onto a big road, it starts raining. Oh no! Do you see that crack? The rain might crack the windowsill!


A closer look! :o

(don’t worry, it never cracked! Praise the Lord! :D )


The rain finally cleared up!


Don’t you think the sun shining through the clouds looks sorta like God is shining down on earth? :)


We all stop at a Japanese restaurant–Chopsticks–to eat lunch!


After they got back, I was just craving for some attention, so I got Madison to take some BEE-YOU-TIFUL pictures of…who else? Moi! *flips hair* :D



IMG_2414oh….my…..word………. <3

IMG_2415New hairstyle……gorgeous <3

IMG_2416Ohhhhh…..sassy! *flips hair* I am so amazing.

IMG_2417Shoot, am I really that pretty? <3


IMG_2420Everything’s going by so fast!


IMG_2422This thing looks like a camera. XD

IMG_2423We stop at Dairy Queen for a treat – you got that right….if you’ve read the “The trip to Houston” and “Our grand Adventure” series (located in the Our Grand Adventures category on the right hand side of this page) you know what it is….A STARKISS!!!! I was new to this yummy tradition, but it sounded delicious.

IMG_2424I grabbed it first.

IMG_2426 Mwahahahaaa….

IMG_2427 MWAHAHAHAAA……….IMG_2428MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAA!!!!!! XD I ate it all before Madison got a chance to look at what was happening!

Madison: hey, where’s my starkiss?

Me: Oops… *runaway, runaway!!*

Madison: Wait…JASMIIIIIIIINE!!!!!!

Madison managed to eat some of her brother’s..XD her teeth and lips are red!!!


IMG_2454What a long road!!




IMG_2456W-O-W! I am TIRED! It’s been about three hours, and I’m pooped!

IMG_2458Just looking at the road makes me feel tired….

Click Here!

Click the link above to see a cute video of us jamming to “Lose myself” by tobyMac! It was soooo fun and made the time go faster! And, Madison’s mom LOVED that song (it was love at first sound! XD) so we listened to it a lot over the next few days.

IMG_2460Photography time! <3


IMG_2468We’re so close to the hotel! Do you see the yellow-ish building near the top of the picture? That’s where we’re staying!

IMG_2469Pulling in…..

IMG_2470We’re here!! HURRAYYYYY!

IMG_2471And I’m sorry to say this is the last picture for The Trip to TBI, Part One. Stay tuned next time!

See ya later, peeps!


The super amazing jazzy Jasmine <3