IMG_2472We roll our packages and luggage in with a cart, and I get to sit in this big, comfy, chair! (do any of you remember it from  Our Grand Adventure Pt. 8?)

IMG_2473Photography moment <3

Madison went swimming, then changed back into her clothes. Then she treated her hurt toe.

IMG_2476I changed into mine, too. (recognize them from Merry Christmas!?)

IMG_2477There was some daylight left, so we took another pretty picture. <3

IMG_2478SO PRETTY!!!!!!

IMG_2479Sunlight poured through the window the next morning.

IMG_2480“Ugh, morning already?” I groaned, looking around for my meet outfit–when I remembered–I WAS AT A HOTEL WITH MADISON AND HER FAMILY! Woohoooo!

IMG_2481The air vent was blowing such cold air on me – I wanted to snuggle down beneath the covers, but Madison made me get up. -__- ;)

Today they were having an orientation at TBI, for the families and newly-enrolled students. Madison dressed in her really pretty dress she wore for Easter.

IMG_2483I dressed pretty, too, even though I wasn’t going to the orientation. I dress pretty, always – I’m a fashionista! *flips hair* :D

IMG_2484Photo time!


IMG_2486I’m doing a handstand. XD

IMG_2488I sit in the bench, waiting for them to finish loading all their stuff. (Madison’s sister is moving into her dorm today, AND going to the orientation – HURRAY!)

IMG_2489So pretty!

IMG_2491I’m going with them to help Makenzie (Madison’s sister)get settled in her dorm. But I stay in the van. Aww, man. (they’re not doing the orientation with the families and students until later)


IMG_2493So pretty <3

IMG_2494Blurriness…and prettiness! <3


IMG_2497We pull in…

IMG_2498Sooooo many cars! Every where you turn…cars! People! I bet the whole world showed up to go to TBI! :O

IMG_2499I’m gonna take a nap until they return.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

IMG_2500When they came back (without Makenzie :( ) Madison took a picture of the pretty let-your-inner-star-shine star on my Star Hoodie.  (the same word three times in one sentence – star – LOL!)

IMG_2501Back to the hotel!

When they get back, IT’S PICTURE TIME!


Then they left me here while they went to the orientation…

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈

IMG_2504Yay! They’re back!

Madison and her mom went downstairs to get some free cookies, then Madison, her mom, and her brother went down to swim, then they all went to the workout room to exercise!

After all that, Madison is tired.

IMG_2508New hairstyle time!!

IMG_2509Photo time!

IMG_2510Curly time…


bed time. *yawn*

NIght, ya’ll.


AAAAAAND that just about wraps it up for The Trip to TBI Part Two!


the amazing beautiful sassy jazzy Jasmine <3