IMG_2511I shot out of bed. “TODAY WE GO HOOOOME,” I sang, in my beautiful voice everyone’s jealous of *flips hair*

IMG_2512Aren’t my curls just beautiful as well? *flips hair, ruining curls* HEY!

IMG_2513Told you they were gorgeous *flips hair AGAIN* AAAHHHH! MY CURLS ARE RUINED AGAIN. -___-

IMG_2514Oh…….*takes breath* It’s….breath-taking! XD

IMG_2515I’m going to stay in my PJ’s today. They’re quite comfortable.

IMG_2516Now, I shall make you all look at my beautiful face… :D

IMG_2517WE GET TO KEEP THE ROOM KEYS LONG AFTER WE’RE GONE!!!!!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?! At most hotels you have to turn your room key in. Not us! Maybe they just wanted to let us have our room keys cause they have never seen such a beautiful doll like…well me, duh!

IMG_2520Oh my gosh… I REALLY that pretty??

IMG_2521Blurry, but pretty…..

“ALRIGHT EVERYONE, LET’S MOOOOE OUT!” I called. Everyone ignored me. Oh, that’s right, I remembered. Madison’s family can’t hear dolls like Madison can. Madison smiled at me. “Does everyone have their things packed?” Madison asked everyone. “We’re almost ready,” her mom replied. “Let’s go get a cart for our stuff!” wow…I thought. How did Madison do that?! I don’t think my bossiness was working.

IMG_2525We’re on the road!

An hour passes.

Madison’s mom is getting VERY hungry. Everyone looks for a BAR-B-Q place.

Thirty minutes have passed.


IMG_2527But – wait! What’s that?! Just when we’re ready go through some drive-through instead of barbecue, we spot a delicious barbecue place! Old fashioned burgers! Steak! Mmm-mmm!!

Everyone goes inside leaving…WHAT?!?!?! ME?!!?!!! in the car? Starving?! HOW RUDE!!

Just kidding. Dolls don’t eat human food. XD

IMG_2533Traffic-oh, traffic-oh, traffic all the way! I how boring it is to sit in traffic todayyyy….

I like jingle bells better… XD

IMG_2534Annnd….wait! What’s this? ANOTHER DAIRY QUEEEEEEN! Did I mention dolls don’t eat human food? I was wrong. THEY ALL EAT STARKISSES!!! MWAHAHAHAA! I planned to steal Madison’s like before…

“Nuh-uh-uh!” Madison said, reading my thoughts. She had a tight grip on that starkiss. XD

SHE ATE IT ALL IN ONE BITE!!!! XD Just kidding! She managed to get that red-lips-and-teeth look, though….

IMG_2542Some more beautiful pictures of..of course, me. I hate tot say it, but…I think I’m the prettiest doll in the world! Of course I am! XD

IMG_2543We stop at lot’s of Historical Markers along the way.



IMG_2548We stop to re-fill the tank with gas for Madison’s BFF’s family (they let us use their van in the first place. Our truck wouldn’t be big enough!!) before heading down the neighborhood….



IMG_2550“WELCOME HOME, JASMINE!!!” Everyone cried. I gasped. They really cared that I was gone? Their kindness made me feel happy inside “Why are you in your pajama’s?” Molly giggled. “Don’t ask,” I snapped. I was taken back by my rude remark. :? “I mean, I just thought it was comfier.” Molly giggled. “I do that a lot,” she smiled. I grinned. It was DEFINITELY good to be home. :)

What did YOU think of our trip? Do you have an older sibling going to college? WIll you miss him/her?

We’d love to know!


<3 Jasmine <3

:D and Madison, Emilie, Molly, Josefina, and Cecile :D