IMG_0653Molly and Josefina are napping peacefully…

IMG_0654The mini dolls are chatting quietly…

IMG_0657Ellie is cuddling with all the pets…

IMG_0659Chloe and Jasmine are getting a snack…

But where are Emelie and Cécile?

IMG_0660“You worthless weed! Fold these clothes NOW!” Cécile was screeching at Emelie.

“Yes ma’am!”

IMG_0661Cécile shoved a pile of clothes into Emelie’s arms.

IMG_0663“If those clothes aren’t picture perfectly-folded by the time I say ‘done’, you’re in BIG trouble, missy!”

IMG_0662“Yes ma’am!” Emelie fearfully cried.

IMG_0665“What on earth are you waiting for? GET STARTED!!!”

IMG_0666Cécile’s last scream awakened Molly. She peeked one eye open.

IMG_0667Sitting up, she asked, “What’s going on?”

IMG_0668“NOBODY yells at my BFF like that.” Molly wrapped her arm around Emelie protectively.

IMG_0669“Emelie and I are playing a game,” CéCé explained. “We are maids in a rich girl’s mansion. I’m the head maid who’s really grumpy, and Emelie is an indentured servant from England.”

IMG_0670“Oh, so it’s like a game?”

“Yes! Want to join?” Emelie and Cécile chorused.

“Nah, I’m tired, but that is so cool how you turned chores into a game! I like the story line too…oh, hold on! Chloe absolutely must be here – she’d love to write a story about it, stay right there!” Molly ran to find Chloe.

IMG_0671When Molly returned with Chloe, Chloe instantly started a audio recording on my iPod touch I let my dolls use. “I can’t write as fast as y’all play, so I’m recording it on here so I can replay it and write it later,” she explained.

IMG_0672And the game resumed!

Emelie started folding the clothes hurriedly.

IMG_0673Almost done…

IMG_0674“I am done, ma’am!”

IMG_0675Josefina awoke and wanted to be part of the game, too, so she played the rich girl. “YOU WORTHLESS SLAVE!!!” She cried. “HOW DARE YOU SIT IN MY PRESENCE?!!!”

“Indentured servant,” Emelie corrected quietly. “HOW DARE YOU TALK BACK TO ME?!!!! YOU SHALL BE DEARLY PUNISHED!!!”

IMG_0676So a pink ribbon became a terrible horsewhip.




*dramatic English-accent-infused screams*

IMG_0679Throughout the game, the whole entire doll room was cleaned. The drawer was organized,

IMG_0680The beds were made and mini dolls were positioned nicely,

IMG_0681And all the shoes were paired neatly together!

IMG_0682The game was over just as my iPod touch was about to run out of space! In the end, Emelie got adopted by the rich girl’s mom and they became best friends and sisters.

“This will make an AWESOME book!” Chloe gushed. “I’m going to go write it right now!”

IMG_0684The girls were tired from all the cleaning, acting, and playing, so they flopped on the neatly-made beds!

IMG_0685When Jasmine returned, she asked, “What’s going on?! I could hear screams all the way from the kitchen!”

When Molly told her, Jasmine cried,

IMG_0686WWWHHHAAAAAAAAAAAT!!! Why didn’t y’all call me? I would’ve been PERFECT as the rich girl!”

How do you clean your doll room? Do you make your dolls do it?
Hehehe. :P