Hi everyone! Molly here! Today we had an awesome Valentines Day Party and here’s how it went…

IMG_4248“Push, girls, push!”

IMG_4249“OK, don’t let me fall now! Almost on top….”

IMG_4250With a leap and a grunt, I finally managed to stand atop the table!

IMG_4251“WELCOME, everyone!” I announced. “To this years Annual DollyWood Valentines Day Party! I’m Molly, the host for this party this year. Before we begin the FUN, here are a couple rules and guidelines to make sure everyone is being treated fairly and everyone stays safe. First off, no standing on the table. As host I can do that…once. hehe. No running, pushing, or shoving, we only want loving here! Also, your words can show love also, especially today on Valentines Day. Don’t be rude or mean…

IMG_4252“…Over here we have the food tables.

IMG_4253“Here is the forks, knives, spoons, plates, and drinks. And the baked food and candy, made by our wonderful cook Cécile!

IMG_4254“And then here’s the other food. Because we want to try to be healthier this year, everything is sugar free and gluten free – everything is sweetened with honey and Grade B Maple syrup. And, if you can, grab a scoop or two of berries and apple slices and maybe a slice of cheese.

IMG_4255“Here is the dining table.

IMG_4256“We are going to pass out Valentines today, and if you haven’t already made yours, don’t worry! There’s still time! Just head on over to our Valentines-Making station. It doesn’t have to be fancy – just heart-felt! ;)”

IMG_4257Embarrassed, Emilie made her way over to the Valentines-Making Table. How could she have forgotten valentines?!

IMG_4258To her surprise she wasn’t the only one! Josefina and Emilie chatted while they made their valentines.

IMG_4259Jasmine and Cécile made their way on over to the food tables.

IMG_4260“I LOVE your earrings! They really scream ‘Valentines day.'” Cécile complimented.

IMG_4261“Thank you, CéCé! I love that hairbow in your hair, too.”

IMG_4262Jasmine replied, returning the compliment. “Thanks!”

IMG_4263“Mmm,” Jasmine said, licking her lips. “These candies and crescent rolls look SO good! You’re such a great baker, CéCé,” Jasmine said, deciding to take a few crescent rolls and a candy but wanted to pass on the tarts for now. “Aw, thanks!” Cécile grinned.

IMG_4264Soon her plate was full of delicious treats!

IMG_4265She sat down at the dining table.

IMG_4266Cécile joined her.

IMG_4267“Hmm,” I thought. “Everything looks delish. That peanut butter and jam sandwhich looks good, and so do these apple slices and grapes. Wow, what else is there?”

IMG_4268My eyes caught on the ice cream. DUTCH CHOCOLATE ICE CREAM? I thought. DELICIOUS!

IMG_4269I took off the lid and scooped out a delicious hunk of chocolate!

IMG_4270I sat down with my buds at the dining table.

IMG_4271After Emilie and Josefina finished writing out their valentines, they fixed their plates. “You have an ENORMOUS appetite,” Jasmine commented. Emilie shot her a look. “Hey, I’m a hungry doll,” Emilie grinned.

IMG_4272We all prayed…and then DUG IN!

IMG_4273*burp* Oh, excuse me! Wow, that food went fast. Who’s ready for seconds?! haha

IMG_4274“OK everyone, who’s ready to pass out VALENTINES!!!” I announced.

IMG_4275“ME!!” everyone chorused, they were all excited about valentines, who wouldn’t be?

IMG_4276“OK everyone, this is how it works. Someone goes first. They look at the name on their valentine they made for someone and call their name out. Who ever the valentine is for comes up and receives her valentines. After that person has given out all her valentines, we go to the next person.” I explained.

IMG_4277“Everyone have have their valentines?” “YES!” they all chorused. “OK then, who wants to go first?

IMG_4278“Ooh, ooh! Me, me! Pick me!” Emilie cried, raising her hand. “OK, Emilie, you can go first.”

IMG_4279“Jazzy,” Emilie said, reading the nickname on the Valentine she made.

IMG_4280Jasmine went up to receive her valentines. “Aw, thanks Em…Happy Valentines Day!” she said. “Same to you!” Emilie smiled. Soon everyone had their valentines.

IMG_4281Here are Cécile’s valentines…

IMG_4282Jasmine’s valentines….

IMG_4283My valentines…

IMG_4284Emilie’s Valentines…

IMG_4285And Josefina’s valentines.



Molly :)